Monday, May 30, 2005

A Rogue and a scoundrel

So, here's my progress.

Day 1: unphotographed, but all you missed was the tedious k1p1. Oh, prior to that was rolling some skeins into 'balls'. One on my hand, one on a toilet paper roll (after I was struck by a stray bit of intelligence...geez, the hand-ball looks like a tumor gone terribly...terribly wrong). Not so interesting, but I was sick, so it was a miracle that I got off my deathbed to do that. Knitting can create miracles, folks.

Day 2: I finally brave the chart. You can see the little bit of progress in here...and the skeins. The toiletpaper roll skein is sitting neatly on a CD spindle which has been most useful from keeping it rolling madly everywhere.

You can also see the tumoresque hand-ball. Scary, no?

Day 3: I get a bit more progress, and look, we can see some of the Aran popping out already!

I'm very proud of my aran. It is a most lovely aran and I think I want to do more. Much, much more. Aran socks, aran hats, aran scarves...yes, this is a mighty healthy addiction.

I also got some novelty brown yarn from Michaels and learned the secret technique of getting through tedious knitting scarves in the dark with yarn that feels like well-conditioned hair (like mine!). Very silken polyester/nylon mix from Paton's. It's very eyelash-ish and is called chocolate.

Want to know what I call it?

The Wookie Scarf.

I'll take pictures soon, but I forgot to take them when taking pictures of Rogue and I'm too lazy weak with illness to do all that again.

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Love your rogue, and such a pretty purple color!