Friday, August 19, 2005

I Blame It On The Moon.

What else would I blame for last night spent in tears over nothing more than music? Blasted hormones. And then a ghastly dream that I blogged and then hid so it wouldn't haunt me again today. It's that miserable moon's fault. But this morning was bright and cool and beautiful. I bullied myself into two miles of walking. Now, I didn't walk it in power-walk mode, merely fast enough to keep my inner coach from pestering me too much (his name shall be mud if he's too mean and yes, my inner coach is a lovely young man...blame it on Mr. Pepper, my former Tae Kwon Do instructor who has partly been inspiration for this coach).

I had lots of acrylic yarn to distribute (destashing effort, you know) so I was busy packing it all off to send. And wouldn't you know it, I reach for a cardboard box and the mean little blighter slitted my middle finger! Now, in an eager attempt to cleanse and possibly stop the pain, I shoved it in my mouth without figuring precisely where the cut was. And when I wiped the excess saliva onto my shirt I realized that the blood must have done a little spurting and now my martial arts shirt (today was not the day to be gorgeous, so it was jeans and shirt day) had a lovely blood print on it. Actually, that may be considered appropriate for the shirt.

Well, after everything was shipped off as cheaply as possible (as much as I aspire to be, I am not yet a billionare and cannot hand deliver items in a personal jet. Some day, though), I came home and decided to check the mail.

The Moon may irritate and annoy, but the Moon also makes merry and lo! there was a package from my beloved SP. You know, she covered the $50 minimum in just shipping her gifts. Lovey, you are SO on my Christmas Gift List. Let me know what your favorite color combo and animal are because...yeah. And don't be bashful, I really really want to do something for you. I will cry if I can't. You don't want to make me cry. /guilt-trip *laugh* But look at this love!

Tea At The Empress. Ten heavenly teabags, just delightful. It reminds me of the Netherlands, both the tea and the tins (I'm half Dutch and so I delight in proper tea). I was opening it and thinking "Gosh, I hope she didn't send chocolate, it'll be a puddle of goo!" Oh but she did. I tried a little taste and it's heavenly. I suppose it goes on crackers? I can think of many uses for it, either way. And the prickly pear marmelade made me giggle. I think I will have that on toast tomorrow. Who would have thought prickly pears would have made proper marmalade? I didn't even conceive of them being edible!

The book: SP, you have read my mind. I've been eyeing that book for so long, but I haven't been able to see it in stores, though the praises for it are high. So, yes, excellent choice! The Yarn: That would be Knitpick's Shadow in Vineyard. It is a rich, dark purple and will be just the thing for my next lace project. Well, as soon as I get over my monogamous knitting (must make corset before the Celtic Chaley at the KC Ren Fest!). Mmm, but it is sure nice to carress and love and snuggle, yes. *puts the yarn away* I'll be back for you later!

Oh, and the scissors, too! They're perfect for small bags, purses, everything! And they're so cute!

Finally, I loved the card and the cross-stitch! Indeed, Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries. And what a mysterious card. When I opened it, little letters fluttered out. I collected all three and then read to find that I will receive more of them in letters to come when my Secret Pal's identity is revealed to me. How enigmatic of you, SP! A fun trick! You are an excellent Secret Pal and I am envious of anyone to receive you as a Secret Pal in the future! You have made me very happy, take a look:

See? Yes, I dared to put my face on the internet because I learned this: when you take a picture of yourself flopped on the bed, your face hides the rest of the bulk. *grin* Oh yes, and normally I don't wear my glasses unless about to go to bed. But my contacts were irritating my eyes, so I decided I'd give my poor eyes a break.

Thank you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

two posts in one day!

Okay, covering up my lame post of previousness, I would like to spread some love.

First up, we have one for a woman who has a myriad of problems, including Graves Disease and various cancers. Please do what you can, buy one less skein of sock yarn and donate the money you saved to here:

And secondly, most of you are aware of the need, especially if you read the popular blogs. Her son is in need of special equipment, including an electric wheelchair.

Governments and special institutions don't always cover and help everyone. And usually it takes a good lot of friends and a lot of faith and hope to keep going. So, please give what you're willing.

yeah yeah, going back on going back on my promise.

By popular request (trans: got two people asking "hey, I thought you were gonna post about this!"), here 'tis.

The Joy Of Being A Woman

It seems that these days, it's not just men who can make us feel a bit foolish about not being born with a penis, but women too. For example, during my LPN days, one nursing professor (the one who taught the OB/GYN rotation, ironically) would go on about how PMS was man's excuse to say that women were too unstable to hold positions of power or prestige. "Just think!" she would exclaim, "Would you trust someone running for office who went completely irrational once every month? I sure wouldn't!" And then she would proclaim that there really was no such thing as PMS.

Obviously she'd been through menopause too long ago to remember that she, too, would get the hormonal red light flashing. Personally, I would say that I am perfectly rational when it comes to important decisions when my body is giving me the hormonal red light. I'm just not very sociable. And slights, real or imagined, can make me angry enough to cry. Now, granted, if I were to burst into tears in the middle of a board meeting or something, that would make me seem a little bonkers, but in all, I think that this professor of mine was pretty much filling our class with unresearched, unreasonable, and unprofessional bull.

But the great part about women is that men tend to trip over themselves for us a lot of the time. I remember reading about how to catch men with just a glance in Memoirs Of A Geisha. So one day...I tried it. You know what? If you can do it right, it works. It really does. How's that for fun?

Girls also have much nicer clothes with a better variety. This includes knitting pattern. Men canNOT wear shrugs, stoles, or shawls. Women can and it's awesome.

Women also smell nicer. Not that men stink.

And can have better manners. Not that all men are pigs.

It's hard to put a finger on it, but I also think men are more fun to watch than women and it would be awkward for me personally to be a man watching men. (Not that I haven't had odd dreams where I was a man and wishing I was a woman because some of the dream men were quite good-looking...though I've never been an ugly man in my dreams either).

I dunno, feminists just seem to have this need to be more manly than men and I find that to be less than fun. Just be what you are and enjoy it!

P.S. working madly on Rogue until I get the stuff to make this lovely corset. There, that's my knitting for the blog.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lace and tea

Remember once upon a time when the Mystery Stole was barely a square patch of lace? It was so cute and it seemed like it would never really grow, not much and certainly not fast. It's been quite a while since that picture was taken's gotten bigger. And made friends.

That glass of dark and mysterious liquid is none other than a steamy glass of Fruit Medley from Adagio Teas. It tastes a bit like fruit loops, which I guess was the point. Mmm. Very nice with a good tangy aftertaste. And I have more tea to test out because mommy was so very very nice and got me the infusetea thinger (hehee, isn't it cool to see it? It's even more fun to play with after you figure out how to make the water come out...well, I'm sure you will all figure it out in moments, I was going nuts trying to figure it out. Some days I'm not a very bright monkey) and it came with a selection of samples. The samples come in little tins that will make you 10 cups of tea, enough for you to enjoy. I think I put a bit too much fruit medley in the infuster, though. Whatever, it was good anyways.

As for my health, as of last Sunday, I have stopped waking up to sharp pains in my arms. No, my arms didn't fall off, though I was worried for a minute not really. My arms have recovered and the rest of me has pretty much, too. This means that I can resume my evening walks and next time I have to move heavy boxes, I'm going to recruit someone ELSE to ruin themselves over my possessions. Even my church buddy said I should have done that. Bah, silly Kit.

And now I'm itching to do a little writing. Study? What study? Notebook? The one in my satchel? Hush! I'm trying desperately ignore it, so leeme alone.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This ain't it, yet...just had to say...

...thank you, SP. You are an absolute doll, the letter was so sweet! I am feeling better, particularly if I remain moving. I think when I moved down my boxes from the second floor of the house to the basement, I really insulted my body and now it's like "AH HA HA, TAKE THIS!" and all I can do is bully it back. "Oh yeah? Well, you're getting out of bed ANYWAYS and you are climbing up and down these stairs until you feel better, you bugger!". Y'know, a mad battle. But I will come out on top because I am KIT! Goddess of things and totally not going down because my body is being a rotten badger.

Also, to the one guy who I know reads this, hi. You're still cool. Even if you're a total stinkin' badger.