Thursday, May 19, 2005

another update from yours truly.

And truly, I should have done this a while ago. But right now I am incapacitated by some sort of strange plague. This exchange illustrates how my day has gone so far:

Jesse (mr. cousin guy): "Hey, I didn't know you were here!" (this said as I stumble into the kitchen, fully clothed and looking like Dawn of the Living Dead.)
Me: "I didn't know I'd be here either..."
Jesse: "I thought you were at work."
Me: "I thought I would be at work too."

Nnng. Sometimes illness strikes at the most inconvenient times. But when I'm feeling so weak I can barely do my hair and have stomach cramps fit to bend me over double and feeling like I'm about to do a technicolor yawn all over potential meds, I decided to stay home.

This is good for you because I have updates!

The Study Sock
Once upon a time, my mother sent me 7 pairs of socks. They were a range of colors and styles and it was right in time for summer.

I decided that there is a need for retaliation. I may just make my mother 7 pairs of socks as well. Acrylic socks (oh, must I punish myself for this too? Maybe I'll switch to merino eventually) of all colors and maybe styles. They will be good practice for me and good for studying since they tend to be knitknitknit.

So with this one, I did the short-row toe (note: use a *different* color waste yarn for the crochet part or end up losing lots and lots of stitches out of sheer confusion) and have been going for 8 inches. Why 8 inches? Because mum's got size 9 feet. You stop 2 inches short for the heel, hence the 8 inches rather than 10 full inches.

Anyways, I cast on Monday, been studying full Tuesday and Wednesday and turned the heel before dinner at C's.

See? Look how nice it looks...tight stitches because I didn't realize that size 2 dpns were too small. This is why we check gauge, yes. Let's just say that Kit likes very stiff socks to give to her mum for a present. They can be slippers or something! Doggy-kiss protectors for after she puts on lotion! Oh the variety of ideas that come forth from pink socks.

And here's a picture of it lazing in the sun with its half-finished skein.

And then, since Necessity is the mother of Invention, I made some Stitch Markers. Unfortunately, my camera is a poo, so you can't see them all that great. But they're quite fun and I even bought jewelry tools so I could make more! And once I get good, I may skip over to making earrings and such, too. I'd wear some of these as earrings!

And finally, since it's summer, I have to indulge in my favorite pasttime:

The gorey devouring of small red fruits.

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