Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour De Fleece

The reason for my silence would be a rather mad bout of spinning. Lots of spinning of Miss Babs merino/bamboo/tussah silk roving. Drop spindle spinning. I did a lot more of Parking And Drafting than actual Dropping and Spinning but that's fine. And the spinning was portable. Quite portable.

Spinning at work. This is what I'm paid for? ;)

I'm not as even as I would like to be but I'm far more even a spinner than I was when I first started.

Purple truly is my favorite color.

I have to admit that my spinning has only generated mild interest, it's not like knitting where there's a mystery to others as to what it will be. It's fleece. It turns into yarn. The end.

Daisy is one of the least interested in my crafting but she puts up with me anyways.

It helps to have something to watch/do while spinning:

One of the most delightfully gorey animes I've ever watched, I love it!

And when the spindle was full, it went on the niddy noddy.

Not exactly the most exciting chore in the world.

And now it's ready to ply! Hopefully I'll get the other half done today, I did half on Friday and yesterday was far too busy between a potluck lunch and work to even touch the spinning.

But to be honest, it's not all I've done. For example, here's a little sneak preview:

Softest sleeve in the world

And I went on a Yarn Quest with my friend from LA, Briana. It was a great way to see all of SLC and to just go out and bleach my hair and tan my left arm. And talk, of course. But it wasn't just a total gas suck, I happened to win a little something.

Yarn complements of Kamille's and picture taken by Verla Younker of Unravelled Sheep

10 skeins of Feza Silk in a perfect orange to bring out my blue eyes.

Long post is long.