Thursday, May 26, 2005


I got my SP5 assignment! Hurrah! And I have a new gmail address for incognito-ness so I'm ready to go. Now, what to start off with, hm? I wonder. This is like Visiting Teaching only...

Oh crap! I need to call my Companion so we can let our Visit Taught know that we do care and love them and are sick or busy or off in Australia. Bother bother fuss and more bother.

But right now my throat is sore, my uvula is still swollen and threatening to cause asphyxiating doom. I think I'll watch me some Good Eats (Alton Brown Is Love) and knit this sock and wish I had more yarn and another set of DPNs so I could start new socks already!


  1. *pouts* I'm still waiting for mine.

  2. I wasn't expecting mine so soon...I think June 4th will be when She finishes up handing out assignments.

    If you want to spoil *me* heh heh... ;)

  3. *laughs* Nice try hunnybunch *winks*