Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I went to fight a War.

I won't apologize. This is my blog, I will post what I want when I want but...I do need to catch up on what I've been doing lately. See, I went and joined Nerd Wars, the latest Tournament (#4) starting in February and I've been knitting. Like a fiend. Nevermind castonitis, that got sated very early on. And now I've got a lovely finished object gallery just to show off!

Now, I'm on Team Tardis and if there's any reason for the silence here, it's because I exploded with posts there and quickly rose to the top of the chattiest chart. I've met so many friends, including Maggie (who works at Kamille's and has angora bunnies!). But I don't have pictures of them (or if I do, I don't wish to show them since I'm in them). Let's move on to the knitting.

It begins with the Gothic Tam, available in the Interweave Knits Holiday Accessories 2011 issue. I was disappointed that the tweed yarn caused the intricate pattern to get terribly lost but I still liked the swirling vortex of space look.

The second was my attempt at the 2-color brioche stitch using a couple of Malabrigo Worsted colors. It came out lovely, warm, and soft as a sigh.

These were the prize of my February, cashmere fingerless mitts. I had some laceweight cashmere but not enough for anything actually lace and so I had to search the Ravelry pattern search and came up with this. It's actually even softer than a sigh, it's luxury and it only could be moments away from my fingers when I wore them rather than a hat or a scarf so I could pet them while I wore them.

Any baby that calls himself Stormageddon: Dark Lord of All (Doctor Who reference, Netflix it now on Instant) is deserving of a hat that looks set to keep his ears, head, and part of his chin warm against the chills of war. The pattern was lovely, once I got over a severe case of derp and figured out what I was doing.

And at last:

A Tardis cover for the device that holds more books than I could plausibly carry. It brings me a smile every time I see it, keeps the random drops of bathwater off my device and also chases off any random dust.

Five projects in a month? I did it and I'm quite chuffed, I "melted the cube" or managed to meet all 5 challenges (well, 6 challenges but one was a donation to a charity) and I'm that much closer to being prepared for winter, babies, and watery doom to my books.

And I'll have 5 more to feature next post but in the meantime:

Enjoy the weather while you can.