Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love is...

...a friend who is willing to make sure your house doesn't burn to the ground/fly away to land on a witch while you're away. Thanks, Mary! You have no idea how often I will have little daymares of coming home and there's nothing left but smoke, sheetrock, and detritus. Or a pair of curled up stripey-socked feet under a corner, ew.

It's also--
A near-completed set of socks the day before the new and final Sock Madness sock pattern comes in. Ooh, Entrelac. P.S. Renji likes to snatch my knitting at times and work on it when I get lazy. He disapproves of projects going stale. I guess he's one for project monogamy. He does not approve of my other projects currently hibernating until Sock Madness II ends. But then again, he doesn't approve of much. Anyways, since it's gotten hotter, I have had less and less desire to actually knit. IN fact, I haven't been doing much other than running early in the morning, then studying my Continuing Education so I can renew my nursing license so I can get a job as a nurse again. I'll have to see if ol' Pioneer Ridge will take me back again. It wasn't a bad job and I liked the people, even if some of them got a little crazy-paranoid at the end. It was the management, though, that I took issue with. Like how the med-aides complained to me about someone making med-errors left and right with the narcs (it was just paper-errors, they were getting to the right people at the right time at the right dose and so on, it just wasn't getting documented properly). So I let my 'boss' know and she said I would have to address it with the person making the errors. I looked at her funny and said "But, isn't that *your* department?" Nope. I guess it was up to me to take this woman with a HUGE FRIGGIN' CHIP ON HER SHOULDER aside and tell her she needs to document her meds properly. Oh man, that was a drama. But she did straighten up on her narcs. Some people's children, though. Oy.

Oh yes, the other socks. The ones that I haven't Ravelried or documented.

There's the Hippy Dippy whateveritis socks that were done in STR Lightweight - Olive Garden and as I was knitting them IN CHURCH (hahaha I'm going to hell), I noticed something.

Yeah, how on earth did I manage to coordinate my church skirt with my socks? WEIRD!

Shh, they are hiding!

And finally, the pretty leafy-type socks that got named Everything But The Kitchen Sink because it included many different techniques, including an afterthought heel, which I thought was quite clever and will have to use again. But there are no pictures because I used the wrong program to resize and pretty up the pictures and they went poof.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Things On Tuesday

I was posting these on my Facebook but realized that this blog is getting dusty so I might as well enlighten you all as to the Marvel behind the Mask:

10 Favorite Time Wasters

1. Roleplaying with Briana. I could and have done it for hours and hours.

2. Knitting. Though I can't knit into the night, my attention span and focus slip away.

3. Reading manga online. Yes, I'm an anime/manga geek. Too bad.

4. Watching stuff. I found streaming MST3K, I'll watch that for a while. Or anime online because it's there. Or YouTube, or rain or Deadliest Catch or Iron Chef. Just...watching.

5. DeviantArt. I love seeing everyone else's talent unfold.

6. Facebook. Yup.

7. Writing, though I need to get back in the habit.

8. Reading - as I told Briana, I read like the books have an expiration date (though if they're library books, they actually do).

9. Messing with my hand/finger blisters. They're not zits but they're not burn blisters and I like to poke them because they itch.

10. Drawing. I forgot I do that, too. Hee.

What about you?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Day

I have something to say and it may offend. So for those who are easily offended, you might just want to browse away. Try

So where was I? Oh yeah.

Mother's day. What a crap holiday. There, I said it. I mean, seriously, here's Mom who decided to dedicate the rest of her life to raising us. And let's face it, we're not always grateful. My mom gave me a kidney. I can't pay that back, not really, not ever. But even if she hadn't, I still wouldn't be able to pay her back for the endless hours she spent raising me, teaching me to dress myself, speak properly, behave in a civilized manner, drying my tears, laughing with me, sharing my indignities, going to battle for me, and the list goes on. I don't think any of us can. And what does she get in return?


Excuse me for saying so but if that's not just insulting, I don't know what is. It's even more disgusting than Valentine's day! "Thanks for wiping my butt when I messed all over myself. Have a day." Right. Whatever.

I love my mom every day, not just today. She's shown me much and she's become one of my closest friends. I confide to her like I confide to my best friend. That's a privilege. No one else is that close to me.

So to you mothers out there, have more than a day. And remember that your children, even at their worst and most ungrateful, still love you.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Haircut

My little brother clearly did not bother to find a place to get a haircut while out at BYU. So Saturday night when I came home from work, it was a shock to see a tall version of Frodo Baggins.

Yesterday, Don and I headed downtown and that's when he got The Shearing:

Starting out, here we go. Check out that curly hair, he hasn't lost those curls since he was a baby and everyone mistook him for a girl. Not so charming, 20 years later:

So, a good deal of heckling and joshing was due and then he sat in the chair to get a proper shearing.

I wanted him to stop here so Don could stay with the Mixed Up Zombies haircut.

Check out that great collection of hair that just fell onto his lap! And that's not the extent of it!

There! Better!

Friday, May 02, 2008

This week in review

1. I gave my 2 week notice at work because I couldn't stand watching the skin deteriorating on my hands anymore. This is going to take quite some time to heal.

2. I slowed way the heck down on my knitting. There's just so many socks I can take and I don't want to takes it no more!

3. I worked on cleaning up Darken Tides with my friend Briana (it's online but you have to know the Super Sekrit Handshake and be a part of the Member's Only Club and own a Sekrit Decoder other words, you gotta ask and we gotta trust you to not rip us off before we can get this to editors and publishers).

4. I finally watched Eragon but only with the help of RiffTrax. You would think a dragon movie would be just up my alley but there was no way. Too hokey and pukey.

5. I discovered a cavity and it's going to get fixed next Monday. Uuuugh.

6. And then there was Life Drawing class and storms that caused things to be displaced and running and knitting and old pictures of me being pudgy and wearing a bad bra but mostly that's just average, every-day stuff.

And tomorrow my brother comes home! I'm so excited!