Sunday, May 01, 2005


Because I have a sore throat and this is psychologically affecting the rest of me, I will not post pictures of that shrug (not that it's sooo impressive, it's garter making a big fat scarf and then stitching the ends together). However, please note the very large list of blogs I have set up. I guess I won't be bored during downtime at work, yarrharr.

Sometimes I wish this were LiveJournal, because Blogger does not have a very nice and handy To Do List. Bummer. But then again, it's not terribly necessary, right?

I'm so tired, I think I shall go now.

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  1. Hi Kirstin! Thanks so much for looking at my blog and leaving me such a sweet note. It really made my night! =) Sorry to hear that it led to an almost disaster with Christina's gift (eek!) You're doing some awesome stuff too, love the socks you made! I'll have to come back to visit and see if any of your knitting knowledge will rub off on me! =)