Sunday, May 22, 2005

Blog #something where Kit forgets count and is lazy.

The sock, oh the sock. It is now called Pinkie the Mateless Sock and I am still wondering if I ought to just let it REMAIN mateless. I can't be cajoled into working on it for much longer, especially when my camisole is calling to me.

All hail the camisole and not enough stitch-markers, thus making do with office supplies!

And I could make stitch-markers, but...see second half of the subject. It has a little to do with not counting and more to do with laziness.

However, the camisole and I have a love affair that makes Pinkie burn with jealousy. Look at these stitches!

And the stuff is soft. Knitpicks has spoiled me dreadfully, where would I be without a low-price source of yarn one can only dream of, only it's NOT dream and I have a hard time sleeping because I want to work on it so bad.

Let's take a look at projects Kit has abandoned for this thing:
Mum's socks.
A potential wrap with the Alpaca Cloud
Things for Vermillion Skies (well, actually, I just changed my mind on what I'll make...I think a drop stitch waist tie would be more along the lines of easy to make than anything else:

But once the yarn comes in for Rogue, I'm afraid CC will have to also languish by the wayside. Though, I still have to ponder what project I will take with me to Kansas. I have an 18 hour ride and though I'll have Mom's laptop (who needs a name, Anasthesia refuses to have it called MiniAna and since Anasthesia is a good computer, I should let her have her way), I can only be entertained by scanlations and anime for so long. I may just pop Rogue on there and work on that...hmm. Oh what the heck, I'll bring them both since working on one thing can drive a person justifiably batty.

I am afraid I am turning out to be a bit like the Yarn Harlot. Only, my yarn stash consists of a drawer of Nice Yarn and a plastic bin of acrylics. No, the bag by the television is to be swapped out! I wonder if anyone would consider taking the full thing. Hmm. I'm quite pleased with what I've gotten from the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2005 (ooh, I want to make quite a bit of stuff in there!). I love the concept.

Anyways, I'm waiting with baited breath for Secret Pal 5 not because of what I might potentially get, but what I plan on giving, hoohoo! I love giving stuff. It makes Christmas fun. Getting stuff is awesome, but I love the reaction of people who get stuff from me. Makes me all warm and squishy inside! ^^

Well, time to get ready for church. Heh, still gotta sew up that thing along the side of my dress because I hate crossing my legs and suddenly feeling a draft. And then I'm sooo embarrassed and yeah, it's not a good thing, especially with my glow-in-the-dark legs. ;)

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