Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I'm hating the camisole now. No, the cotton does not disappoint (except I'm not done with the bottom and I'm already almost out!)'s those demmed repeats! And I'm not sure what is making me have total brain seizures and causing me to lose my beginning and middle stitch markers which are the most IMPORTANT part of the repeats (because they orient you to where you're at, either row 2 or row 4), but it's not nice and it's screwing me up and making me very frustrated because I find my stitches off. Very off. I may just toss this thing to the wind and make my own, dangit! I have a neat dragon-scale pattern to put all the way up and there are plenty of edgings on the bottom that won't make me want to eat my size 5 circulars. So, sorry Cotton Camisole I v.3. You will be taken off my needles and wound for Cotton Camisole II.

The Bride of Pinkie is coming along nicely except...except...I fear I may run out of the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in pink. Drat! Must things not go my way? I will have to cry and plead with the people of the knitting community at livejournal to see if any of them may be able to help the Bride of Pinkie. Otherwise...I don't know. I'll have to use the other colorway of Moda Dea that is so NOT anywhere close to pink. My mother may either laugh or cry, but she may not want to wear the Pinkies if The Bride has a heel/cuff of . Botheration.

And my Cascade 220 is STILL not in for Rogue. My fingers are getting itchy and I'm sure futile, my Rogue Cardi buddy, is getting very impatient (I told her to wait till I got my wool or I would cry).

I did get sock yarn at Heindselmann's and for the first time, I was actually quite cheerfully greeted! And the nice brunette lady talked to me about sock yarn and I almost lost my soul to some handpainted stuff for $27. So I think I want more Mountain Color Bearfoot yarn. I bought some for muy cheap and...I love the colors so much. No socks for mum from THAT! Mine mine mine! However, I do only have yarn for, uh, another pair of socks for my mom because I can't think of good colors. But I'm thinking lace with these, they're very pretty, a nice dark red. Mom's favorite color be red, y'know.

Maybe I should get a sock book. Naw, I prefer being more original.

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