Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Not much knitting done lately since I have moved. I didn't go far, though, just down two stories. It was all done in the matter of two to three hours and my uncle, aunt, and three cousins pitched in.

I'm amazed at how strong I am because only my legs are vaguely sore from all the travelling up and down stairs. My arms don't bother me at all! And I was moving heavy things (though I didn't bother carrying anything too heavy, I refuse to go through another two weeks of torment, unable to even roll in bed for fear of my shoulders screaming out in pain).

However, here are a few notes of progress:
I finished and seamed the hood to Rogue.
I am about two inches from working the toe on the second sock of Cut Your Teeth.
I had to frog the first sock of Cut Your Teeth because I made the cuff too short...this isn't necessarily progress, but it is in its own way. It will be longer, stronger!, Shinier! Er, sorry, getting carried away.

Now I just want an opinion. Which would be preferrable for the Rogue:
Zipper or buttons? And by buttons, they would be something like frog clasps on the inside so that the seams would still match up.

Pros and cons of each would be appreciate. And your ultimate opinion.

Remember to smile today!

Postscript: I did find my skein of Knitpicks sock yarn in Zinnia that was hiding my #2 DPNs. It was in one of those sterilite containers that hold my stash. Now THERE was a forehead slapper, oy. *laugh*

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

nothing but blue skies

Today I play along with a contest and contribute Sandy's sky contest. Utah's got some great skies but my favorite is always and ever will be clouds.

Taken on one of my morning walks. Joy!

Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm a moron in that I never did reveal the mysterious mysteries of my secret pal.

It's Knitting Sunshine! Just a brief glance at her blog will show you how incredibly talented she is. Her stitch markers are a wonder (yep, I'm still using mine, don't know if you saw them or not on my Mistake post...btw, I'll leave it and do some manipulation with a tapestry needle or sumfin.), she has yarn for the selling (*so tempted*) and is gorgeous to boot.

Thanks so much, you've been a total awesome Secret Pal!

P.S. Borders ditched all their lovely chai in favor of a new franchise known as Seattle's Best. I don't know about you, Seattle, but Oregon Chai is mud next to Border's DeCaff Chai. I'm in love with that stuff (yes, decaf...you can't knit and twitch at the same time, it don't work). And now it's gone. *weep* I hate you Borders.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Not for the weak of stomach.

I hope those of you who are not easily sickened for what I am about to show you makes *me* queasy. ME! Nurse Kit who has dealt with pee, poop, pus, tunneling wounds and nursing professors! This stomach's made out of iron, but this makes me quaver.

Want to know what it is?


See it? No, not the Lippincott Nursing Bible. Here, perhaps this will help.

It's painful, my friends. So painful. Look at all that work...and now a miscrossed cable. It's enough to make me weep.

You know what? I bet if I don't point it out, non-knitters and non Ren Fest celtic nuts won't see it.


Yeah, I'm seriously screwed. *sob*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

fifteen minutes

I do believe my Cut Your Teeth socks are special. They have introduced me to cute guys and cool guys. People from Kansas/Missouri. And today, they've had their 15 minutes of fame.

The CBS Early Morning Show had one of their people over at the Vermillion Skies cafe where I attended. Everyone was bleary eyed and though we were promised that they would come at 5:00am, the blonde chick didn't come till quarter to 6. I got my knitting out and though I'm very camera shy, right at the end of the show, she insisted on showing my knitting.

The sock was very thrilled and was eager to show off its intricate cuff and ribbed bits. Its mate was knit on twos that I have since misplaced, along with the skein of Knitpicks Zinnia yarn they were hiding in. Bother that, I suppose the 1s that SP sent me are preferrable anyways. The needles strike fear into the hearts of men...or at least, I pretend that they do. Well, I suppose only insomniacs and medical staffing are up early enough anyways and only the insomniacs will be watching. Thank goodness, I'm still not thin. And cameras always put on extra weith, y'know?

But I had an awesome time. John (the 'cool guy' of the above link) was making faces the entire time, which I found most amusing. I think I like him. He amuses me. He's the "bouncer" of the cafe and I kept challenging him. "You steppin? Huh? You wanna mess wit' dis?" and I wave my size 1 needles at him. He takes it all in stride (he does not fear the needles, tch).

Here's hoping the socks make a good segue into the whole knitting club I'd like to get started again at the cafe. I want to hold it more towards the afternoon (say 4pm-ish?). I'm trying not to have it too late, because that's when the crowds come in and Christin, my dear friend and owner, likes to knit but has a priority when it comes to customers.

I'll continue to think about it.

As for Emerson, he just wishes I was knitting up sausages for him to eat. Pikachu was unavailable for questioning.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

curiouser and curiouser!

Well, after recovering the mail key from the hotspot of Doom in the kitchen (where the sterio is and where everything else kind of goes), I realized that my SP sent to more letters with...letters in them. I seem to be terribly dense because I knew there were little flittery letters in there and still took no care opening up the envelopes. I am not quite sure what it is I dropped, I'm hoping it's the letter 'g' because that would make a ton of sense.

Let's see, the letters I have now: K N N N S T T I I E

I can spell KNITTIN with S E N left over. NES? SP, are you a gamer, perchance? ;)

Not much else to say. I passed my Nursing Concepts 4 exam, hurrah!!! On to NC5, then 6, then 3, then I'm done with that part, onto the clinicals and the NCLEX and...let's just say I better not run out of anything to knit...not that I really am too worried, eh SP? *winknudge*

ETA: Got I N G in the mail yesterday. So! here's what we got now.


K N I T T I N G | E I N N S Hmm...

N E S T I N G K N I T | N I Maybe?

Am I still missing a letter? Rrrgh, dunno! *puzzles*

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Today I let my opinion monster out. In a crisis, sometimes all people can do is scream blame and point fingers, trying to find fault. I find this to be a selfish act. It's an attitude of "It's not my fault so I don't have to help" in my opinion.

It wasn't my fault either. But I donated to Margene and Susan's Give A Little. I'm afraid to say that I hate phones and the website wasn't working so I went over to The LDS Humanitarian Aid Site and donated there. It still goes to help those in need and it won't be the last time I give. I don't tend to trust charities and instead, give it to Fast Offering. This works, too.

And I pray for those people. I am grateful that I am not there and even more grateful that I am in a position to help.

I got a notice that they have room at the hospital for those who need help. They'll clear the cafeteria and the gym for people. I don't know if they really will take people all the way to Utah, but we're ready.

In other news: Rogue is coming along quite nicely.

And my my hair is red.

That is all.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time is short...

I thought yesterday was a fluke. A bit of nippyness in the air, barely reaching the 80 degree mark...but no. No, today was just as nippy, if not a little more. And it was GORGEOUS. I need to hurry up with Rogue, but guess what? I'm already at the neck. Yes! That far! Sometimes I boggle at the way my mind sometimes has a hard time wrapping around only doing HALF a pattern (what was God thinking, trusting me with such a delicate piece of machinery when He knows how clumsy I am?) since I'm working on the cardigan version, but hey, I worked it out. I'm smart. Nothing's impossible.

Red. Yes, I know just where to find some red. Right up behind Seven Peaks, there is some definite red. And orange. Maybe a little yellow. It looks very much like the my version of Cut your Teeth. Images are coming soon, duckies.

Knitting also helped me meet a girl from Kansas City, my old stalking grounds, particularly during nursing school. Nice chick, she also agreed that Douglas/Johnson County is just a not so nice people place. Then I also met a lovely young man who looked like Brad Pitt, except without the smarmy face that makes me want to kick him in the nuts. Gorgeous man, I wanted to kiss him. Mmm mm mm...but I'm a good girl, I only flirted wildly with him and defiantly knitted at the same time.

And to the ProvoGrrl(tm) who was "Definitely going to buy my socks next time she sees me"...I hope you have a spare $100 on you. If I worked on these at minimum wage, that's how much they'd be worth. No? Your loss, these socks are one of a kind. And really made for my mom so too bad, nyahaha.

Anyways, I really ought to post pictures but I've been too lazy...*coff* I will soon, at least of Rogue because she is seriously wanting some loving here.

P.S. SP, I have five letters now. N, N, I, S, & E. I'm thinking Senni? Nines? If you have 'knits' in your name, I'm at a loss. But I didn't check the mail today so maybe there's another clue awaiting discovery in the mail. Hmm.

Oh, and happy September First!