Saturday, October 30, 2010

28 days later... what I'm watching on TV. It's not so much *scary* as it is just gorey. And it has my favorite Doctor Who, Christopher Eccleston! Granted, he plays a skeevy military man but still, he's my Doctor!

Y'know, Mrs. Brooke is a real witch. She insisted that I updated and threatened to put a hex on me if I didn't.

From Friends

See? Evidence!

Actually, I haven't updated since July, I suppose it's about time I do a bit, eh? ;)

She and I headed to Witchapalooza on the 23rd after I managed to get the day off at work and really, it's the most fun I've had for Halloween that didn't involve an outrageous sugar rush. It was so nice to be out with a friend who wasn't so self-conscious that she couldn't laugh and enjoy at the dinner entertainment with me:

From Friends

or enjoy the fantastic dinner (the pumpkin pie cake was amazing):

From Friends

There were fantastic costumes everywhere. I was taken by all the creative and exciting witches hats (there was even a White Witch Of Narnia who I didn't capture on camera, alas):

From Friends

And basically it was a great time, I really enjoyed myself and I definitely want to do this again NEXT year! With Cara and whoever else wants to come, it is SO worth it.

I also had a Murder Mystery Party with my Writing Group where I dressed up as Kitan, my Mary Sue-ish half dragon/half fairy:

From Cere-knitty

You can almost see the teensy dragon wings I had pinned to my back.

It took one piece of very stiff light orange felt and some yarn to make the elf ears and wings. I was rather chuffed at my inventiveness.

And to top off the Halloween celebrations, my Daisy Pumpkin:

From Cere-knitty

It doesn't resemble the true article by half but it's the best pumpkin I may have ever carved.

Then my friends were having a Not Dead Day. Last year they had a VERY close call with death by Carbon Monoxide that had to do with improperly updated heating vents. Had they stayed another five minutes or so, I would not have partied with them last night. So, to celebrate their first anniversary of cheating Death, I made them little mementos:

From Cere-knitty

Yes, 1-up Mario Mushrooms

Pam and Laren were delighted, of course. :D

There are a few others things I've worked on, such as a hat:

From Cere-knitty

And other things of which there are either no pictures or is relatively secret (don't you love this time of year?). I promise to update more, but NaNoWriMo *is* coming up on Monday, I will be preoccupied with that.