Thursday, May 05, 2005


Okay, I'll be nice and just show off the highlights. If you want to see more, take a gander over yonder. ;)

We start off with, yes, the finished shrug.

I fully intend on losing some weight, but hey, nothing wrong with being full-figured. Anyways, yeah, that's the whole thing and the white spots are not from the yarn, they're from the dirty mirror (my bad!)

And now for some Yarn Porn(TM):

I'm a bit dismayed at how little of the Shine you get in a skein, but hey, it isn't terribly expensive, I don't mind buying more. I have also considered NOT using the Alpaca Cloud (the moth-colored reallyitsnotgrey! triplet of skeins) for a lacy shrug. This stuff would be much happier as a wrap or a beautiful shawl. So I think I'll make the shrug out of some of the leftover acrylic I've got in the big bins. Though, y'know, I find that shrugs are not for those with the big boobies. Maybe I'll just go ahead, make the silly wrap and Krista can opt yes or no on making one with me.

*Shrug made with Bernat Boucle and I have an extra skein if anyone wants to swap! :D

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