Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kit and the LJ knitting community share their wisdom.

I had asked the LiveJournal Knitting community if they had any sage words of advice to share with other knitters.

This is what they came up with. Oh yes, do read the comments, that's where the tried and true gems are.

There are a few things in there that were new to me and other things that I whole-heartedly agree with (the whole disregard difficulty levels and just try it is so true. Nothing is difficult if you don't think it will be).

In other news, the shrug is so close to almost done that I think I'll just make a massive pic post of it in progress and then it finished. :) Sorry to disappoint, but my cousin's harddrive is hogging the last ISP port and I'm too lazy to switch it back and forth between that and my camera. Heehee.

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  1. The tips that were posted in the community were extremely helpful.