Monday, January 21, 2008

I give myself an allowance.

I bought some yarn.

Over here.

I'll let you know how it goes, but let me just say that even with shipping, it was $4 less than if I were to buy it at a local yarn shop.

*rubs hands with anticipation*

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Heart sick

The last time I got a Valentine was back in elementary school where I got one for every one that I gave and they had conversation hearts and cute pictures on them and scrawled handwriting. I miss those.

These days I go to work and am bombarded by pinks and reds. Valentine's isn't really more than a day in a sea of days, but you know what? I still want a Valentine.

Yeah, that'd make me all weak in the knees. Mmm...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's on my needles Wednesday

So I say it won't be all about knitting and then post about my knitting. I'm a genius. But hey, I can study flashcards while I knit, it's marvelous! I feel so very efficient.

Anyways, I've been working on the Simple Knitted Bodice for about a week now. It's not anything complicated, pretty dang straightforward but I did rebel and decide that rather than use $28/skein silk yarn (drat you, Tili Tomas, you and your yarn and your high-rise condo fund), I'm using some discount Cascade 220 yarn. Sure, it won't be just like in the pictures but it will be nice and elastic.

I had a hard time getting gauge with the alternate needles. Nothing I had would knit the Cascade 220 at 28st/4". I got somewhat close with #3s but it just wasn't cutting it and I couldn't find long enough #3s (16"? Oh, I don't THINK so, I am NOT knitting a hat here). Oh well, my #4s will do, the waist just won't be as small and defined. :P

And then my Esther Socks are coming along SOOO slowly, it's ridiculous. I'm finding that I'm just not as crazy about Trekking XXL as I was about the color (such lovely burgundy). I've been wearing my RPM made with Socks That Rock and I keep wishing I had more socks just like them. I need more Socks That Rock. :d Such delicious yarn. And that Covelite looks very pretty, too. But do I want to go with lightweight or mediumweight? Why is there less yardage on lightweight? That just seems stupid. But the mediumweight is so...thick. Hmm.

Anyways, here's a peek at the Esther Socks:

Gorgeous color, no? And that pattern, very sweet. Pretty easy, too. Sock 2 is has the twists going the other way so they're symmetrical. :D

Gosh it's late, I'm off to bed to dream of nice yarn.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Sick Cookie

One of my favorite shorts from one of my favorite shows ever, Mr. B Natural!

And part 2:

Let me warn you, it does deal with gender-bending but that's MST3K for you, nothing's all that sacred.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I realized why I had stopped updating this blog so frequently. Want to know why?

Because it's boring. I am bored with it. I mean, knitting. Unless I were designing something, how very interesting would it be? I have been far more regular with my weight-loss/health-gain blog, Losing It In Kansas. Because that's interesting. I am making progress and going forward, yay me! But as for knitting? Well, I have two projects in the works. A pair of socks and a sweater/bodice. Yawn.

And I am so much more than my knitting. I have opinions, radical opinions (House said as he interviewed this 'dude' for Cameron's position with Wilson that if he really wanted to be a rebel, to wear a tie and a pocket protector like 'that guy') and woes and loves and laughs. I have interests that far extend knitting.

Did you know I'm going to take a life-drawing class this year?

So I thought I would re-invent this blog. Make it new and interesting and far more than just a knitting blog, though knitting content will still, of course, be available.

This blog will not be just about knitting.
This blog will not be just about me.
This blog will not be updated regularly.
This blog will be about my world as I see it.
This blog will be about who I have always been.
This blog will offend you. Maybe not you, but certainly you.
This blog will be about getting over it.
This blog will have some content that is unsuitable for children (but there will always be warnings).
This blog will change a little bit of your thinking.

Thank you and Happy New Year's Revolution.