Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tina Turner said it best when she said "We don't need another hero". I have a friend out in Lancaster and as nasty as the fires are, they are not as bad as they seem on television. And as lovely and sweet and marvelous as blankets are, it's not necessary to make one for every disaster that occurs.

What we do need is a moment to send our prayers over there. We need to open our homes and hearts and wallets. If you want to send money, send these people essentials. Money for clean food and water. Offer your friends and family a place to stay. Offer prayers.

Just my two-cents. Keep your yarn for your Christmas knitting.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I might get sick of this song fast

But for now, I love it like crazy. I first heard it while on my own, cleaning up the salad bar prep room and I was shaking my money maker as if it were actually making me real money (well, it kind of was, I was on the clock). I need to be careful about that, I've been caught getting my groove on by a store manager showing some new hires around. Oooops. But hey, you try to sit still while you listen to this YouTube video (I don't recommend watching it, it kind of skews the song, at least for me. But you can browse other tabs and listen and try not to tap your feet):

Eh oh eh oh ehhh ohhh eh...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

You may want to look away

One of the incomplete projects that I had sitting around were some unequal socks. In that, I had to bind off the second sock far shorter than the first. Thank goodness the pattern was toe-up. But there were a few steps I had to go through to fix.

Here are the socks. As you can see, the one's far larger than the other.

So I lined 'em up.

Gave the big 'un a good snippity snip.

Picked out all the little bits and pieces and threw the extra all in the trash (oh, what was I going to do with it, keep it as a swatch? Get over it).

Then I start unravelling. Aww, me and my stumpy hands.

And, of course, kept unraveling until it was as short as I wanted.

And with one last row unraveled, stitch-by-stitch so I can put it on needles, I am set to finish up the sock for the right size.

Fun stuff! And it's not the only sock I'm working on. After realizing that my collection of nice warm socks is--well--rather small, I have started a new pair of Pomatomus with some STR Puck's Mischief.

It may end up being a little bit too muddy, we'll see.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mom and I went swimming again for the first time in about a year. I've missed it because it was a time to bond and exercise at the same time. I'm really excited to start doing it again. I've forgotten, however, how much it really requires you to use those deltoids and pectorals. Phew!

I finished the Breton Jacket but I have to knit/crochet the belt that goes with it and that may take a little time because I don't have the right crochet hook, nor do I want to mess with it either. I think knitting a belt using the linen stitch will be more effective, though it requires you to use a buckle. Pfft, I don't need no stinkin' buckle. I'll tie it like I tied all my Tae Kwon Do belts, the same ones that stayed in place just fine while I was taking the class.

But that does mean pictures will be delayed.

However, when pictures ARE forthcoming, I will show you something truly horrifying and suitable for Halloween.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A few things

So, how was the Ren Fest part 2?

Fantastic! (For those on Bloglines, I have some videos here you might want to click over to my post to see.)

And then some! All the walking around and so on has helped me drop an extra pound which I definitely did not mind.

I've been knitting, trust me. But I've also been doing many other things. My new job at the grocery store is pretty nice, it's great to go in and not have to get pills ready and there's that pressure that wow, if I screw up, someone might get really sick or really dead. The worst that will happen is that I forget to put garbanzo beans on the palate for tomorrow's salad. Oooops! At least it's not like someone's very important cardiac med! And everyone's been really tolerant of my mad-capped behavior (like pretending to vomit when throwing out the cream of potato soup. Though I've worn out that joke. After two times no one thinks it's funny anymore) and highly friendly.

I've also discovered and added my own comments as well as a yarn store that I particularly disliked (the ones I did like were already on the map). I think it's a fantastic resource, though I hope more people comment because otherwise it's no different from searching for yarn stores in a certain area on Google Maps.

Kansas is still holding firmly onto summer around here. The high is about 90+ today and I am dying for some cooler weather to motivate me to finish this sweater. After two more inches of yoke knitting, I will only have to sew in the sleeves and crochet a belt. Yes, I can crochet, no problem. It'll probably take me another week.

As for school, I'm about to call and see where my application went because they have been sitting on it for far too long. I know they got it, though, because they took the money out of the credit card already (expensive, whew!) and now I am waiting for an appointment.

And for some final news, I am now officially a columnist on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum. I'm very excited about this, I have some interesting ideas coming up. I'll be posting Saturday so keep your eyes open!