Wednesday, May 25, 2005


1. I have lots of yarn to swap out, but I can't find mr. camera!!!

2. I am worried that I may not have enough Moda Dea.

3. Never mind, I found the camera.

4. I want to attend a Stitch & Bitch!!! But if there are any in Utah, they're far far away from Mapleton and gas is expensive.

5. I want chocolate so bad, why am I doing this to myself by banning any sweets to pass my lips (unless it's chai, life is easier with the decaf chai)? I WILL make it to Saturday. Saturday Splurge Day and Real Belgian Waffles. And Belgian chocolate. Oh man, that sounds so good.

6. I want to start whining less. *coff* However, I must still complain about the hazards of not sweeping.

Those are a row of staples I found embedded this morning in my plastic-soled slippers that I Never Leave My Room Without. Now you know why.

On a happy feet feel festive and naked!

I'm a lousy toenail painter, but wow, it's weird to feel so barefoot, I *had* to celebrate.

1 comment:

  1. I have a serious urge to paint my toenails now. *grin*