Thursday, December 29, 2011

You can come out of the corner now.

There are many things I tend to put in "time-out" just to ruminate on them a bit.

Schooling, for one. I'm doing okay as an LPN but would like to become and RN if I can only just find some way to do it that would be free or at least cheaper than what I bring in on a monthly basis. This does not exist so right now, that dream is in time out.

My sketchbooks are another, a pasttime that used to bring me much relaxation and a zen-like state that I can't really reach any other way, not even by knitting. I pick it up every season or so, draw a little something and then set it aside again, promising that I will be more faithful. And then...I don't.

But of all the things in time out, this blog has been the second longest in such a place (schooling being #1). And so I am bringing it out, dusting it off, challenging my laconic tendencies and making an attempt to share with you a little bit more of myself.

Though the blog has been idle, these hands have not. Allow me to feature some things from the past year that I have knit:

In January I joined the Harry Potter Knit and Forgive me, I can't remember the whole name. But in an effort to keep up with the 'classes', I knit a pair of fingerless gloves in honor of a book series I had just finished: Hunger Games.

In February, I made a pair of eye-shades for someone who needed them at the time.

Then came March and Sock Madness. Here are my "Support Hos":

April showed a few Dangerous Curves:

May brought me one of my favorite pair of socks:

June was when I went to visit my BFF in Northern California and I brought my Rock Island to work on. It's finished but I don't have a picture of it! I need to do that, pronto!

July gave me Francie, my other favorite pair of socks.

I think I slept through August. Or maybe I just didn't finish this guy then, though heaven knew I was working hard enough on him:

I finished this one in September for my sister's Christmas present...then realized that the colors were inverted. Well, she got my hat, I kept hers, I'm the odder one out anyways. ;)

Aaand I can't find what I knit on during October and November besides the Everlasting LinenScarfstopper.

But this past month, I rolled out a few things. My favorite goes out to Briana, a pair of Swirling Gauntlets made out of handspun, just for her:

That's love, y'all. Hours and hours went into the yarn alone.

So I resolve from now on to post a bit more often. Weekly, at least. I hope those of you left to read this will support this resolution. I'll try to be funny or at least interesting and I will definitely post more pictures.