Thursday, February 21, 2008

Only a week left before I leave

I finally had a nightmare about my clinicals. I dreamed that Dad and I were driving when I spazzed out. "OH NO! I left my business-casual wear behind!" Dad gave me one of his exasperated looks and we pulled off to turn and drive back the two hours we'd already driven out.

I am, however, only a little freaked out. Considering how extreme this exam is and how vital it is that I pass it to finally taste freedom, I am pretty dang chill. However, this doesn't mean that everything I've knit hasn't been tossed blithely into the frog pond. Pomatomus out of the All-Things Heather? Toss! I keep tormenting the ATH yarn, actually, because it's all sorts of cheerful pink and orange and yellow but I just can't think of what to use it for and I am wondering if it won't come in handy during Sock Madness or SKP2008 (see both buttons on the left-hand column, there are links). I actually wound the double-stranded lace-weight yarn for the SM challenge. I got a 7-8 st/inch on that so I think it will work out for the intended challenge.

And if it starts on March 1, well, I will have to default because Hello, Clinicals. Hopefully not though. March 15 is what it looks like.

Anyways, in all the ruckus, I am pausing in my studies to catch up on a few memes. Christina tagged me for the What's In My Purse meme.

This is my purse. It's an old leather purse I got last year(?) at JCPenney's and it needs replacing, clearly.

This is what's in the front pocket with the exception of the iPod itself which was being used while I walked and I hadn't put it back in the purse. The iPod/transmitter is a lifesaver at work in the morgue salad prep room where I can blast whatever the heck I want and no one has yet to complain...out loud.

(Why yes, those ARE two Pamprin. Shut up.)

And this is what's in the main compartment. The Palm Pilot is marvelous for church. It has scriptures, The Ensign, hymns, General Conference and most importantly, Monopoly. Also, can you tell I go to WW? :P

What's in YOUR purse?

Then on my friend's blog is the ABC meme.

A--Attached or single? Merrily single for now!
B--BestFriend? I have a few. :)
C--Cake or Pie
Mmm, Pye (sorry, that's a little Harry Potter RP funniness slipping in). I won't say no to either.
D--Day of Choice Spass Am Dienstag! Remember that one, Christina?
E--Essential Item *shame* Um, my iPod. ^^;
F--Favorite Color Burgundy, purple, green.
G--Gummy Bears or Worms The ORIGINAL bears, no substitutions.
H--Hometown Can't really claim one but I've lived here long enough I guess.
I--Favorite Indulgence Cherry Cordial Kisses.
J--January or July June, you jokers!!!
K--Kids? Darling little bacteria bombs.
L--Life isn't complete without? Hope. Where is life without hope?
M--Marriage date Some warm day in October with a cool breeze and the leaves turning red. Mmm.
N--Number of brothers and sisters? 1 of each just to be fair.
O--Oranges or apples? Fuji Apples, sooo good.
P--Phobias and Fears I still have the ridiculous one of ending credits. No joking.
R--Reason to smile? Briana said she was drawing Evan and Kitan. :DDD
S--Season of choice? Spring or Fall, the transitional days when it's not too hot and not too cold.
T--Tag 3 people You, you, oh and you too. :P
U--Unknown fact about me? Other than I'm freaked out by ending credits? Um, I really can NOT stand WW2 movies. They break my heart before they even get anywhere. I end up having to leave.
V--Vegetable Carrots and squash, mm.
W--Worst habit I'm a terrible potty mouth.
X-ray or Ultrasound Done both. I prefer X-ray because Ultrasound is squishy and goopy and cold.
Y-Your favorite food? Sushi and chocolate.
Z--Zodiac Sign Totally a Cancer.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Still knitting, still studying, not going crazy anymore.

After a marvelously restful, refreshing and rather revolutionary Sunday (alliteration! Alton Brown would be proud), I have regained my perspective and I'm feeling as if I could pass my CPNE (just call it Clinicals, sis - that's what they be). Just that feeling that if I humbly continue to study to the best of my abilities, I will muddle through somehow.

In the meantime, I took a quiz:

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

You are Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are practical, circumspect, and discreet. Though you are tremendously sensible and allow your head to rule, you have a deep, emotional side that few people often see.

Ah, that does make a good deal of sense (and I'm played by Emma Thompson, there's no one better!).

I'm still knitting but I think the sleeve I finished last week will have to be frogged and reknitted, the tension on it is outstandingly tight. Considering that week, it makes all too much sense. This second sleeve is far looser.

I've also been doing a good deal of reading. My sister invited me to and I've already invited a few people. Of course, all of my books tend to nest in the bathroom. With the medication I'm on, it's one of the few places I tend to linger in, other than my room at my desk, trying to coax my flash-cards into permanent spot in my slow-moving head. But I go through them (the books) pretty fast that way. If you're interested in signing up, please do! And then add me. :)

My yarn came in from The Sheep's Tale, by the way. It was in marvelous condition, took less than a week and is cheap. If you're interested, head on over. There is a lot of good quality yarn and at discount prices.

That's it for an update. Now go clean your screen. It's dirty.