Thursday, August 27, 2009

a triangle trying to squeeze through a circle

It's been a long while since I've blogged and since I've had at least two rather broad hints that perhaps I should catch you up, I thought I would do so.

First, the not so exciting parts:

On The Needles:
It's getting to be about Christmas Time I suppose and so though I was working on the Aeolian Shawl using Malabrigo Lace in a rather brick red (and so incredibly soft)-

I got a case of the OMGCHRISTMAS and began working on Salto Socks for one of my aunts who was particularly insistent that she get some of the Famous Kit Socks like mom got for her chemo. So, why not? Here is most of one:

It's since been the rest of that sock and most of the next so it's been at least a week since I took that picture and I worked hard on it.

Current Life Sitches
Of most importance, I have a new job. I am working every Friday and Saturday at a nursing home. I find myself feeling a little under-challenged. Not in the way of boredom, there is plenty to do. But there's no excitement of recovery of these people. They're really just here to die more than anything. But there's also no calculating, no Chemistry, no Microbiology. Some days I wish I had actually managed to be well enough to pass Medical Technology rather than flunking out due to a dying kidney. At least then it would be kind of exciting to discover if someone has a parasite or infection and what sort. Instead, it's passing pills, changing dressings, and far too much paperwork. The closest I get to what I miss is taking blood sugars.

It was a wet June, more wet than I hear Utah gets, though I can't say for certain. I turned 31 while enjoying some of my favorite weather and my friend Melanie, the brilliantly talented and resourceful one, made me a cake:

For those who are fans of Cake Wrecks may recognize the naked mohawk babies riding carrots. Well, not all of them were mohawk babies so she made me the Four Naked Mohawk Babies Riding Carrots Of The Apocalypse. I think that was pretty much the best birthday cake I have EVER had. No, really, it was. I laughed so hard and it went well with the Rifftrax Night we had. Great party. :D

I'm doing well in Utah. I'm not missing Kansas much, particularly this summer. I have NO A/C in my car and that was definitely missed but it was nice to be able to let the sweat drying on my face cool me rather than just doing nothing at all or making me even more damp like Kansas would do. I do miss my friend Mary and I miss downtown Lawrence and I miss the knitting group that met in the Merc. Fortunately, I will be visiting briefly. I think the plan is that I will come by from 9/17 - 9/23. We'll be going to the Ren Fest of course and that will be so awesome.

Speaking of Fests, I'm going to see if I can sneak off to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. The classes I want to take require me to have a spinning wheel and I don't plan on actually buying one (really, aren't my hobbies expensive enough?). I know how to ply, I know how to knit, I know how to crochet, I think I'm pretty set there. But the vendors excite me and I think I'll just have to go to visit with my knitting friends and paint the Fest red. ;)

That's all i have for now. Not much that all 2 of you have missed out on, but I suppose it makes for something to blog about after a while. :)