Friday, April 06, 2012

Works in Passion

If you've known me for a while, you know that when I was a kid, I loved to draw. I would draw a LOT, I even had a doodle journal for a bit that I cringe to look through. SO MANY EMOTIONS! Prednisone is bad, kids. Don't be on it for 17 years, then have a transplant and have to come off it, your body will be VERY UNHAPPY.

Anyways, now I knit. It alleviates the nerves, it creates things that I don't have to cringe at, I don't see all the raw emotions, though I can still feel them when I stroke the fabric. Here I cried into the blanket. There, I was watching an intense movie and knit so fast my needles almost caught fire. But no one can see those things but me.

Last week was kind of dramatic. No, wait, it WAS dramatic, no 'kind of' or 'maybe', it just was. And I had to admit, I was so glad I was knitting and spinning, it took a lot of my anxiety and pain away. And funny enough, well, the worst of it was taken while working on my Serenity Blanket. Of course, I was also watching a whole lot of video game playthroughs (it's fun to watch GhostRobo play scary stuff because he's as big a wimp as I am, though a little more squeaky).

But it's not just to knit, I get bored, my wrists get sore, I need something else. So, my dear friend Janalee caught me at a spin out near Park City and handed me a small bundle. "I'm sorry it doesn't have any black in it, but it's as close to goth as I could find," she said as I opened it up. Uhhh, are you kidding? It's named MARCELINE! If you don't know who that is, watch Adventure Time with your kids, you might spot a little vampire girl with a bass ax guitar who sings like Anna Nalick and sucks the red out of things (not blood, just the color red). It is PERFECT.

So here I am, spinning a worsted weight (or as close as I can manage once it's all double-plyed up) and chilling out when I'm not knitting or dodging drama. Just thought I'd update all of you.

So if you're feeling a little in the dumps (or a lot in the dumps), what do you do? Do you draw? I don't much anymore but I love looking at other people's artwork. Show me!