Sunday, November 15, 2009

Get up

Excuse me if I'm a little laconic, I'm getting over catching the Norovirus from a friend. Yeah. I was losing substances from both ends Thursday night/Friday morning. I had chills so bad that I couldn't get warm until I got into a tub of hot water and soaked for an hour. Yeah, that was really bad, I hadn't been that sick since my sis got married and I came down with bronchitis. Bleah.

However, I did get things done before I got sick.

I finished my brother's scarf:

It's the Merci scarf which was easy as pie to actually put together. I even worked on it in the dark while watching DeathNote Halloween Eve with friends. And it's very manly as you can see.

that's been about all the knitting I've done lately, it took about 2 weeks and now I'm working on a few more Christmas Gifts.

I've been looking for skirts or possibly dresses appropriate for winter, of course, and that came up with a rather strange gem. Melanie was the one who pointed it out and I was the one who remembered to bring a camera to document it:

I apologize for the blurriness, I was trying to photograph it on the sly. But yes, it has a thong. There is velcro at the crotch. Melanie believes that it's to keep the shirt tucked at all times and that makes sense but man it's bizarre.

Well, my heart is pounding. I think I should lay down and changing the tv channel every time yet another materialistic commercial with Winter Holiday (TM) music. Don't call it "Christmas" music. It's not. It's raucous, it's obnoxious, and it was old by the time I was FIVE. I'm done with Christmas. Bah Humbug. Besides, don't tell me there's anything cheery where THIS character is involved:

Yeah, watch your naughty, kids. This snowman will be WATCHING.