Friday, April 29, 2005


I was at Borders and went to peruse the magazine racks for some good knitting magazines.

Knit'n'Style: The only thing that did NOT bore me was the Master Knitting area, but it only covered decreases and increases which I can easily find at No thank you. The lacy short-sleeves made out of yarn that is highly pricey is a pass.

Vogue Knitting: Like Knit'n'Style, except without the handy Master Knitting article. I couldn't tell the ads from the patterns either. I'd think "Oh! Neat socks!" only to find that, uh, that's an ad. Oop. Also it's highway snobbery when it comes to 'fashion' and 'yarn'.

Interweave Knits: Dude. I liked this. It was amusing to see just one model and all these (adorable) projects. I liked the layout and the multitude of projects. I bought this one. I look forward to making socks. :)

Okay, it's late. I'll update on the status of the 'shrug' soon.

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