Friday, October 28, 2005

Busy Knitter

You know, I think I have a terribly cushy little job. I go in, I set up my medications for 4:30 and 8:30, print off the med change report sheets, set the juice and blood glucose stuff up and I'm pretty much set for the other 6 hours of my shift. No one's ill, no one's too terribly volatile, no one has a catheter/IV/vitals, etc.

It can make my job a tad boring. So what do knitters do when bored at work (and has gotten full permission from the RN)? Hahaha, what a silly question! They work on Sandy's Warm Hands, of course!

Now, granted, the one on the right took me from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon while the one on the left was started on Monday and just barely finished, but dang, that's a quick knit. And they're good and masculine and boring. I had some fun with them at work.

I had brought the finished one with me to work to see if it fit REAL MEN and their massive hands. Well, I handed it off to one of the psych techs (who was about 45 or so) and it fit perfect. And then it disappeared. I couldn't say where it went and I had to count narcotics with the RN anyways, so I just left it to its fate.

Moments later, there was a knock on the window to the med room and I looked up. I don't know WHERE they got the googly rolly jawbreaker-sized eyes, but the psych tech had them propped between his knuckles and the mitten had become a Halloween Monster. A rather goofy one too. It was wicked funny. Men just never grow up...thank goodness.

Anyways, the mittens were great for work (though what do I knit tonight???) but I thought it would be nice to work on something a bit more...challenging. Enter Faina's Scarf. I'm being terribly naughty by going madly off gauge (sport weight? I laugh in your face, ha!) and using some stash-lurking Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild Raspberry. Ha, take that!

I apologize for the rather sad quality of the photo, but this way you can see the colors better. You already know what the finished product may look like.

I'm using a pair of size 4 Addis (not the Turbos, but just as good and half the price on eBay) and I feel...luxuriant. I've knit with some lovely stuff, but this is gorgeous. The colors are divine, the needles are like buttah, my neck even approves. Only problem is, it's coming out a bit wide. But oh well, that's just more of my neck that gets covering, right? And it's acting so nicely, I've only had to tink back once (though that took about an hour, I really should know better than to try to catch up on anime with subtitles while knitting something that requires just as much attention, if not more).

Anyways, that's my very late WIP Wednesday.

Oh, and the corset? The corset can wait until later, when the Ren Fest isn't another year away. I like working under a bit of pressure. ;)


  1. Yay mittens! Glad they are a good size :) Yeah, I have knit at work too... ahh, those were the days :)

  2. I'm envious that you get to knit and get paid at the same time! :) Great mittens.