Saturday, November 05, 2005

Angels Never Would Fall

It's been a rough bunch of weeks. It may be the weather, lots of rain and gloom (though I tend to LOVE rain and gloom, we had more than enough to love in Germany). It may be that Kit has been in decafe withdrawal. I certainly don't see my friends as much anymore, as much as I try to seduce invite them over to hang out in my basement (it's a wonderful place to hang, the black widows are very friendly). Or perhaps, and this is most likely, a certain non-knitter in Oklahoma has been keeping me up WAY too late. I tend not to have a problem with this because the longer I'm conscious, the more I knit on my scarf. And since I just got a haircut like the sweet anime ladies in my button, I am cold. Soo cold. I'm getting to dread hairdressers, they just seem to be a bit crazy with those twitches in their eyes and just a little TOO happy with the scissors. Scary. But, coming back from that sidetrack, when the cousins awake at around 7 in the morning, there is no rest for the wicked weary. No offense to them or my uncle and aunt (if you're reading this, I really love you tons and I understand that mornings are very hectic).

Either way, I did spend a few soppy days at home. And one evening of transforming into the human hosepipe. But I am better now! And I have more scarf to show for it. The problem with not posting images the day I take them is that knitting continues on. My scarf is already a full repeat beyond what you see in the pictures. Alas, but at least here you can see it.

Gorgeous, isn't it? Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild Raspberry, going to Obsidian and then back to the Wild Raspberry because, um, I was 100 yards short of the Wild Raspberry. This way, I'll have enough for the scarf and possibly some mitten/fingerless glove dealies. Those are really cool and I want a pair.

Oh, I would have draped it artfully on a tree, but when I did...the little fragile limb snapped. I figure, it wouldn't have survived a good snowfall anyways and I really didn't want my scarf to be the Destroyer of more trees, so I left it in the little Lantern Moon basket I've been using. That basket is so cool, too. It smells like green tea. Mmm.

And, since everyone else is doing it, I have my own Autumn pictures.

Have an awesome day all!


  1. Lovely little tree with all that color! You should knit a hat so you can head up to the mountains;-)