Saturday, October 15, 2005


My dad wants a pair of mittens to wear under his other Big Mittens. I was thinking "Huh, well, that'll take sock yarn! Nothing else would really be comfortable in them!". But when I went home to visit and showed him the KnitPicks yarn in Zinnia, he said it was too fine. He wants something thick.

Thick? He won't be able to move his hands if they're "thick"! But then I got to thinking, perhaps he wants something more that he could wear outside of just his Big Mittens.

So, should I just stick to using sock yarn for mittens? Or should I make two pair?

If I don't have time, though, I do think I'll just make him one pair and give him the other later (if I even make two pairs). Which should I go for, thicker mittens (which I don't have yarn for, but certainly don't mind going out to get) or sock yarn ones?

FO's and SP6 lovelies to come!

Love and peace!

P.S. Dear Yarn Harlot,

After reading the chapter in your book about how your husband refused to wear sage green because it wasn't 'masculine' enough, I can only say this: When my parents took me to airport, my dad was wearing a sage green shirt with a black/red motif and lots of textural designs using a series of knits and purls. I was constantly poking and staring at it, it was a beautiful sweater. And my dad is as masculine as John Wayne when it comes down to it. In conclusion, your husband and my dad need a talk.


P.P.S. To my commenters: Abbie, I am so glad I'm helping to be an inspiration. There's nothing you can't do and your baby booties are awesome! Thanks for your comment, it is always nice to hear such things. :)
Teri, if you're ever up for it, I do think I'll hit the Shakespeare Festival next year (Margene went to this last one and it looked marvelous) and maybe we can carpool over and I'll try to have a costume this time around (all I actually need is a bodice, I have the rest). It's not the KC Ren Fest, but it should still be mad fun. :D I hope to see you Tuesday, I'm going to try to make it to the SLCSnB this week.


  1. I think sage green is a very manly color :) Looks like the Renaissance fair was a blast :)

  2. I hope to see you on Tuesday, Kit! I just gave the Renaissance Peasant costume I made to my mom. Maybe I'll have to borrow it back for next summer. :)