Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whole lotta bloggin' goin' on: Part 2

Second of all was my darling SP6. My first package came few days ago. *blush* Kind of like almost a week ago and though I love it all, I've been madly lazy. But here, this is what came in for me the day after I got home from Kansas (I won the race, SP!).

The whole thing right here | |

I love the Native American card on the left. And tea! She (he?) reads my blog, how wonderful! I love tea. The point protectors are so cute, I love that. And the notecards are not going to last, I'm afraid. They're too awesome to hoard, despite my rabid desire to do that. The little halloween notepads are SO CUTE ARGH! I use the ghostie one for shopping lists and as I was depositing my check at the bank in Walmart, the rather attractive man at the counter grinned and asked what my little ghostie was for. Heh, shopping list, what else? ;D The lotion is nice, I look forward to trying it out. And the sketchbook with charcoal pencils? That was an EXCELLENT idea. Really! And the patterns are way sweet. Thanks, SP! *big hug*

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