Friday, October 21, 2005

Whole lotta bloggin' goin' on: Part 4

This is the last one. Promise.

Stitch N B...otch, SLC-style
I brought the recently frogged (nearly spelled 'flogged'. I suppose it would be appropriate) and reknit corset with me. An hour of heavy traffic is not my friend, but listening to Conference while watching the sunset during stop-and-go traffic made it a lot easier. I get so tired of radio stations sometimes.

I think people kind of recognized me this time around. Impressive! And there were a lot more people this time around. It was good to get together to chat and knit and see all the gorgeous projects. And when it came time to get home (I had pills to take so I had to leave a bit before anyone else), it was hard to go.

I can't come next Tuesday, but I'll have a bit more foresight next time I schedule some work hours (part time is so lovely) and leave Tuesday free.

The Yarn Stores
Y'know, getting lost or missing your turn doesn't always have negative connotations. Why, when I missed my 600 S. exit on the way to the hospital around 8am yesterday, I took the next possible exit, turned, and found myself confronted with the most glorious sunrise. Clouds, sun, and mountains making an incredible display. The clouds were on fire, the sun was a shining gold pool, and the mountains were stalwart silhouettes. And then, on 600 S. and having to turn left, I managed to get onto S. Temple instead of 100 S. And as I drove down it thinking that nothing looked familiar at all (I'm a SLC n00b, bebes), I found the Black Sheep Company!

Well, you know that after two blood draws and a flu shot, I just HAD to make up for it. So I went in for a visit. Charming store. But it just didn't suit me. And as I was driving back home, I waffled between taking the 9000 S. exit or not. Ooohhh, it was way past pill time, I argued. But how often do I manage to be in SLC/Sandy? And especially during yarn store hours? I finally went and made my way to my favorite yarn store, A Unravelled Sheep. I don't know if the 'A' belongs or not, but it's a silly typographical error.

I went in and the store owner was there, merrily knitting. So, I grabbed her books of lace shawls and scarves (heh) and we sat and chatted and knit (because that's always inevitably in my big messenger bag). I soon found myself comfortably talking about my family, Kansas, observations that I'd been keeping to myself and things I normally don't just talk about with a stranger (actually, I don't just talk about *anything* with a person I'm only barely acquainted with). But she made me comfortable, she had a wonderful no-nonsense attitude about life and she was knitting a beautiful jacket for herself, one of the first things she's made for herself in a good long time. Anyone in the area should definitely go by and sit and chat. I lost a good hour just being there with her. And I bought two patterns that I found through the pattern books and just enjoyed myself.

I didn't get home until 1pm, which was a long day considering that I left at 7am. But it was worth it.

Knitters are awesome people, are they not?


  1. Good grief you know how to pack a bunch into one day. We'll look forward to your return;-)

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Well, helloooooo! So glad your box of goodies arrived. Shucks!! I can't believe the sp-box didn't win the race! I do hope you enjoy everything. I am gathering some goodies for another box... hmmm. What will I choose! Have a great day and a super weekend!!
    much love from your SP!

  3. It was great to see you, Kit! :) I love Unraveled Sheep, too. Everytime I go to Black Sheep I always get "the grouchy lady," so I hesitate going there without someone with me. Go figure. The next time you're up, stop by Three Wishes on Redwood and 7000 S!

  4. I try not to miss SnB on Tuesdays, so I'm sorry I missed meeting you.I found Unraveled Sheep for the first time a couple of days ago & I really enjoyed it, too...just a fun shop to be in. Black Sheep is kind of 'no nonsense'.