Sunday, October 09, 2005

To The Renaissance Faire!

So I made a little trip to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. I've been there I don't know how many times and it never fails to enchant me...and my pocket book. But I deserved all I got for myself and others. It was just a good time.

Check it out, I got to meet Jack!

who was quite charming and very, well, YOU know. Be-rum'd.

Also, I really did check my programme, never did see anything about Scheduled Executions, which was most disappointing.

But what made up for the disappointment was...yarn. Oh heck yes, there was yarn. I can't remember the FIRST store, but there was lovely bits of little dolls made out of the yarn, not to mention the bin. Aye, the bin of merino wool. I wisely made the decision to take one skein of apple green to match my shirt and would be enough for a nice hat. Most of the handspun stuff was very coarse, though. But the eyecandy, well, it was lovely.

Then, later in the day, footweary and rather tired of the scads of people asking my friends who had come with me for the umpteenth time what kind of dog Antrig was ( for the love of wool, a standard poodle with a very short haircut. Next time, I think he should wear a sign.) I saw a sign for A Wolf in Sheep Clothing. Dare I dream? The store hit me in the face with tawdry things made of Fun Fur (oy...) like scarves, hats, vests. But in a lovely little corner, I saw it. My heart raced, my face flushed, and I was drawn to it like a moth to flame.

I fondly caressed the merino, held the alpaca to my neck in awe of the lack of scratchy itch, smiled at the laceweight mohair, glared at the FunFur and then I saw it. There on the hangers, sockweight merino. The little tags exclaim "Enough for two socks!" and it was only $10. Well, that called for a heartfelt "HUZZAH!" (internally, I didn't want to shock the customers). And then my hand brushed by some merino fleece. ...oh dear... Someone local-ish want to show me how to spin? The two ounces I bought are asking quite politely for some skill.

Though, I do think when I return tomorrow, I'll ask the lady for a quick lesson. She has a wheel and maybe she'd like to show a newbie a few tricks.

Anyways, I return tomorrow, tickets are 2 for 1 and I'm only going with my dad this time, who is more than happy to just do whatever, show up at various meeting places every two hours and let me run madly around until I run out of people to buy things for and join him.


  1. Wow--I wish I could have been there with you. What fun!

  2. Oh the RenFest! I wish I could've been there. We went all the time when I was little and once in the past couple years (when my parents and Erin were in a celtic band that played there, kilts and all ;))

    Anyway...I really love your blog! I haunt it and get inspired to knit more than baby socks and scarves! (and it made my day to read about and see pics from the renfest!)

    Hope you had/are having a good time at home! Wave at my old house for me!