Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whole lotta bloggin' goin' on: Part 3

Phew, you tired of reading this stuff yet? But it is my duty as Kitting Goddess to keep this blog updated! Who else would do it if I didn't? Really, a goddess's work is never done!

This one is for Jessimuka's benefit. And it was supposed to be done Wednesday (WIP Wednesdays!) but, uh, right. We don't need to keep gnawing on the same ol' Lazy Kitter bone, do we? I feel terrible as it is!

Here we have Annie Modesitt's Lovely Corset Tank in progress. I started it Sunday, got a good chunk done, and then realized I had buggered everything all to pieces and into the frog pond it went! But not for long, I started it right over. I think I deserve a knitting cookie for that. Also, a tip for those of you who lose stitch markers...rings work perfectly well (see right). The only downside is that your finger gets terribly lonely for that ring-made-stitch-marker. I'd better hurry up and finish that row.

And, for Sandy's Warm Hands KAL, here is what I finally decided for my Dad's Mittens:

Made from the same KnitPicks Andean Wool in Lettuce that my corsett is made from. It's a good "thickness" and will most likely work just fine for him. I hope it'll be warm, but at least it'll be soft and if he finds it too "gurly", he can just wear them under his Big Mittens. Pattern is just something I'm taking from a book I got at HalfPriced Books: The Joy of Knitting Companion. I really like this book, it's so good for basic patterns and includes hats, socks, mittens, scarves? (like it's so complicated to knit a big rectangle? I dunnow). It also has knitting graphs (wonderful!), needle and knitting gauge rulers and just everything you'd want for starting out. I think it wants to be a gift, though.

After the mittens. ;)

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