Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No Preemptive Shopping Here

Because there's a sale over at Stitch Diva Studios, I finally broke down and bought the two patterns that have been screaming my name ever since I saw them: Sahara and Simple Knitted Bodice. If you want it for cheap, today's the last day.

I've decided that there are two Victorian fashions that I want to come back into popularity.

The first are shawls and stoles. Like someone else once said, it's like carrying a blanket with you everywhere and yet far fancier, prettier, and elegant. Can you imagine being in a room where the air-conditioning is overly aggressive? Just wrap yourself in a lovely alpaca stole like the one I'm working on and voila! Warm!

The second is the shade umbrella. I like to walk the dog but the sun is oppressive by the time I can get out to do it. So I bring a little rice-paper umbrella that I had bought at the Renaissance Festival a while back. It's the perfect thing to keep my fair skin fair (tans are so over-rated) and it even slows down traffic as people rubber-neck the freak novel idea.

I'd like to implement the fold-up fan, too but people don't find those strange so much as highly clever when I bring one out of my purse. Yes, I'm so forward-thinking!

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