Saturday, August 18, 2007

Will not be trained

In my college days (halcyon days), I took a few Psychology classes. Quite a few, to be exact, a nurse needs to understand crazy and trust me, I do. But there was a story from one of those classes about a certain professor. And as all professors do, he did a bit of pacing as he taught his class. Now, the further he paced from the exit, the students in a particular class lapsed in attention. They pulled out papers, fell asleep, played with the cellphones, etc. But the closer he moved to the door, the more the students paid attention. They sat upright, made eye-contact, and interacted more. By the end of the semester, that professor was lecturing from outside the classroom.

Or so the story goes.

This has a point. I notice that the more frequently I post, the more people I lose per subscribers on Bloglines. I realize there are also a few of you who have me on your Google Readers. You're awesome but I don't know how to keep track of how many of you are out there so cheers. But I am not wholly concerned with readership. This is a knitting (and stuff) blog. I will continue to post about knitting (and stuff) whether people read it or not. In fact, it would tickle me immensely if I lost all readership to this blog. But I'm kind of a mad scientist like that.

I do wonder what it is that makes people stop reading. Is it that I'm about as interesting as a blank screen? Do I have all the appeal of a white wall? Am I boring as all get-out? No idea. I do promise that I bathe so it's not my hygiene anyways.

But enough of that. Yesterday was links day which I didn't do because I was having a welcome-home party for my drawing muse. I'll post the drawing once it's done. But she's still asleep, hung-over from all the effort it took for me to put down my Mystery Stole (done with Clue 6, by the way. Only 39 more eternal rows to go). So, links!

Zen Habits: This guy might be a vegetarian but he's also got his head on pretty straight and has some great insight on life and how to deal with it. Check out his Archive, sign up for his Forum, and Get Involved. He's no religious leader, but he's a guru of Common Sense.

Cute I was having a stressful day at the mental hospital when I came across this website. Within fifteen minutes, the stress was gone and I had the biggest ol' sappy grin on my face. You just can't go wrong with tiny or furry or impish. The only time I ever actually disagreed that something was 'cute' was when they published the tick 'tocks. A tick is a tick and his buttocks hold no appeal to me, mister. Nuh uh.

TV Links: Nothing on TV sound good? Go here and check out their wide selection of movies, tv shows, animes, sport vids and music vids. Not all of it is exactly 'legal' (notice some movies there that are still out in theaters? Yeah.) but you aren't downloading any of it, it's just out there on the internet and you have the choice of not watching if you want. Personally, I like the anime section. Mushishi is perfect for relaxing and if I'm knitting lace, a few of those animes are dubbed so I don't have to read subtitles. Perfect!

Well, I'm in for a semi-busy weekend. It'll be gloriously cool (finally!) and there will be plenty of socializing.

See You Monday!

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