Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sorry So Late!

There have been some exciting events here, Bloglines!

Starting off, my brother has come home after being gone for two whole years. He's gotten so thin from one meal a day of rice and beans. He's been drinking milk like mad. Normally we go through a gallon in about ten days but it's gone in two to three days now. At least he's staying away from my soy milk for my oatmeal! That's mine and it's not very tasty on its own anyways, so I'm not too worried. And root beer, the kid's been dying for a taste of root beer. And you just can't tear him away from video games, well, he's left Brazil and jumped right back into the States with both feet.

Then my Sockapalooza package came in!!! My dear new friend Beth has been so generous, she sent me such wonderful pair of socks, a cute little Ugly doll, some chocolate that was attempting a gaseous state so I had to toss it quickly into the fridge, and an awesome card. Very cute, I love love love the socks! So pretty, thank you again, Beth!

And finally I got around to photographing my socks. I had the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn around for ages, half knit-up. I wasn't happy with the first socks but I grabbed the Monkey Pattern and now they really look like Northern Lights as opposed to a mess of blacks and purples and greens and reds. I'm really quite pleased with these socks. And they feel quite nice, too. I'll definitely look into more CTH yarn as I can get my hands on it.

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill - Northern Lights.
Needles: US #2 24" circulars by Susan Bates
Time: Approximately two weeks, I'm terribly slow.
Mods: I prefer using the short row heels when knitting with the Magic Loop method.

And that's all I got. I'm not even done with Clue 5 for the Mystery Stole #3 so no photos yet!

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