Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Devil Made Texas

...and the rest of the midwest along with it. It has been mad-hot here. For the past two weeks it's been hovering over the 100 mark and top that with humidity and I feel tender-baked. You could cut me with a fork. I go delicious with a red-wine vinaigrette. Or something like that.

However, our under-sized, over-worked air-conditioner has done its best to keep up and it's done quite a decent job. And to help matters, it should drop about ten degrees tomorrow. I was enjoying a nice nor'westerly breeze as I walked Daisy this morning so I feel a change coming.

And with the help of that lovely air-conditioning, I've managed to almost catch up:

The Mystery Stole #3 is coming along nicely and unlike a few people who have whined about the asymmetry of the wing on one side and the design on the end, I have found myself intrigued and delighted by it. Sure, it won't look the same on both sides but why should it? It doesn't have to be, not precisely.

Anyways, short entry but I am behind in a few other chores today. One last peek on how far my stole has come:

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