Friday, August 24, 2007

Well is a very deep subject.

Sometimes you realize that the harder you try to catch up with yourself, the more yourself becomes extremely elusive. I can barely see myself on the horizon at this rate!

In the world of knitting, I only have about four more rows to knit on my Mystery Stole. But that's 8 rows of knit and purl and with every row, I gain another two stitches and it has gotten so that it takes over an hour to knit and another to purl back and I feel a little like Sisyphus, pushing that big rock up the hill, only to have to chase it as it rolls back down again. Gyah, and there it goes again! It's enough to make me cry!

And then going to Utah. How do I manage to have more and more stuff to bring with every trip? And in an attempt to keep healthy, I have cut up about five pounds of fruit and realized that this will probably give us all massive diarrhea. Well, I guess I got some more pills to pack.

Anyways, I have a few more links to share with the rest of you:

Chore Wars: The premise is to get us off our lazy tushes, abandon our wireless and push a mop around for 'XP' and gold that can be traded in. This works well if you're a World of Warcraft junkie (like about 10% of the people in my ward, though I think a few of 'em are keeping mum on that). I signed up for Lime & Violet's Knit Wars so that with everything I knit, I get points. It, uh, doesn't always work for me, though. I knit alright but I don't remember to document. Heh. If you're a writer and you prefer to brainstorm, this is fantastic. It keeps track of all the meanderings that your mind takes that you bother to write down. I actually prefer to work in the form of an outline if I'm doing an official paper but this is good for story-writing.

Bloglines: There might be one or two of you who don't use this tool. If you have lots of friends who own blogs but don't want to check all your bookmarks to see who has updated and who hasn't, this keeps track. Well, most of the time it keeps track. Google Reader does the same thing but I kind of got used to Bloglines.

Well, have an awesome weekend and send me some good travel karma. I'm praying for low traffic, particularly through the mountains (we've missed most of the back-to-school/home-from-vacation rush but there might be some left), overcast but storm-free skies, and happy visits from inspired muses like Writos, Knitous, and Drawrius.

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