Monday, August 20, 2007

Why do you do what you do?

Why does the Kit knit?

It started with LPN school. My hands were constantly busy writing, inserting catheters, typing out notes, scrubbing up, donning gloves and so on. But things got a little overwhelming, I needed something that kept my hands in motion as they had gotten used to but gave my brain just a little break.

Now, I still knit. It's no longer simple stockinette, true, but it is still something nice to keep my brain moving but without overwhelming it. I love cables and lace, I love trying something new and the interesting people I meet through it.

Of course, I don't only knit, I'm not so two-dimensional. Those who know me may know that I also write. For the past few months, my goal has been to be 875 words a day, which isn't that bad until you start getting behind and it ends up being 1750 words a day or more. And sometimes my brain is not so imaginative but that's fine.

I also used to draw. Well, I still draw from time to time (like Gambit and his prize-winning crotch*, er, it's not as bad as it sounds, listen to Lime & Violet, episode #42), which I have done since I was really young but I haven't kept up with. *shrug*

So how about you guys? What else do you do besides knit? And why?

*yes, he has terrible anatomy, I'm not great at drawing guys yet, okay? tchah!

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