Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why I like Ravelry

This is what the local Ravelry group just guided me towards. It's a brand spanking new yarn store and it is very close to the KU Med Center which I frequent to keep my kidney on the healthy side. I'm definitely not going to mind having to wait forever for my doctor visits now! Not when I have a yarn store to drop by afterwards. It kind of reminds me of when I would visit A Unravelled Sheep over in Sandy when coming back from visits to the U of U Med Center in Salt Lake City. That was my favorite yarn store, they were so awesome there.

And then I found something else. As a caveat, I will not be attending just because I fear the sort of people who would attend this. I know Violet of Lime 'n Violet will be going but I can just see all sorts of big hairy creepy guys who just want to see some chicks wearing ultra risque clothes, knitted or not, being in high attendance and it just makes me a little squicked out. Still! You can't say this isn't typical Lawrence. ;) A knitted burlesque show! Can you bring your own knitting?

There also appears to be a sale at The Studio this Sunday and Monday. I'm SO tempted but at the same time, dude, I've got yarn! What do I want or need more for? Though, I could always use a little laceweight fix...

And that's some of the good stuff I just found while waiting for my writing muse to be a little more forthcoming!

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