Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

You know, we don't realize at times how dang lucky we are in this country. I hear people go on and on, whinging about how TEEERRIBLE the US is, how horrible it is, we spit upon the Americans, ptooey! (And yet, we are Americans so I guess we're just spitting in the wind?)

But can you imagine a country where everyone gets healthcare but it not only may suck but you gotta wait for it? Not just the several hour wait in an ER but days, weeks, MONTHS? Yeah. I think I'm planning on having a heart attack on August 2nd, 2010, I'd better make my reservations now.

Or how about a country where you are either of the national religion or you're physically, mentally, spiritually tormented until you join?

Or a country where a man can come into your house and rob you blind, molest your loved ones but if you shoot him dead, YOU serve time?

I'm kind of glad I'm living in the States, personally. We're a hardy group. I mean, it's rained like mad today, the tornado sirens went off early this afternoon (for a severe thunderstorm watch?) and there are STILL people out there, shooting off tributes to pyromania and patriotism.

And yes, the above scenarios are very true.

((On the knitting front, I may finish the second Bayerische sock tonight, hurrah!))

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