Friday, July 13, 2007

It's too nice a day for murder and mayhem.

Can't talk. Listening to Harry Potter: Order Of The Phoenix and knitting Mystery Stole Clue #3.

Go 'way.


No, I'm only kidding (well sort of). Last weekend was spent indoors but it's been so delightful today that I have had no real interest in spending it listening to Harry angst on about life and Ron and Hermione fighting like cats. No, I am in no mood to do that.

Today has been very auspicious. Today was my mother's last bout of radiation. She bought her nurses and doctor goodies from Wheatfields and then bought us kids at home some goodies. She had the Tiramisu, I had carrot cake and Dad will have to have the chocolate ganache cake. We always celebrate with sugar, is there a better way? I don't know of it.

So Mom is doing fantastic. Her hair is coming in and it's no longer a vague fuzz. It's now a white-grey fur. Her prodigal eyelashes and eyebrows are returning with much rejoicing.

Well, much love! It's late and I have a date with Walmart's oil-change-guys and a knitting group.

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