Monday, July 09, 2007

Excuse me, I'd like my weekend back, please.

Well, Saturday night I wearily finished Clue #2 of the Mystery Science Th...I mean, Mystery Stole 3. Sunday had me photographing something that looks a bit like this:

This is really exciting, it's going to look great! And I'll finally be able to get that yarn shifted out of my stash!

A little close-up, Mr. Deville?

But what do I knit the rest of the time I'm not knitting alpaca? Socks, duh.

It's a far cry from last year when I lived in my uncle and aunt's basement and knitted on sweaters because it was close to 65 degrees F down there. In the summer. With the window open, my only source of heat. And now it's about 83F in my bedroom where I like to knit and I'm wondering if I'm not just a little crazy to be knitting alpaca in a room like that. I'm better off writing.

Speaking of writing, I've been working hard on writing my story and one of the cooler things that has been happening is that I've managed to work things out really well on the story that's been working in my head since Junior High. When I first started out with this story, I was heavily influenced by Mercedes Lackey. Hey, I was only thirteen, gimme a break! ;) I have since written the story out once and rewritten the beginning at least maybe three or four times -yeahyeahshuddup -and this time I intend to do finish it, go through it once or twice but no more major re-writes and try to send it off to be published.

I am mentioning this here because I really want this done and a good way get me going is to have lots of people asking me how it's going and cheering me on.

And no, it's not going to be a knitting book. You can all let out your sighs of relief now. It's fantasy and something a little more like Robin McKinley, who is my author-ly hero. If you've never read her stuff, I recommend her very first attempt at Beauty and the Beast titled simply Beauty. She rewrites it later and calls it The Rose Daughter and it's still marvelous but I like the simplicity of Beauty, not to mention it's short.

So what's your favorite reading genre? And who's your favorite author?

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