Saturday, July 14, 2007

Taming Of The Kit.

I had a really fun time knitting a group at a cafe called Mirth (nice name, isn't it?). I now have 3 buddies who will be hanging out with me while we wait for the last Harry Potter book at midnight.

I hadn't been to the knitting groups they have here in Lawrence despite knowing that they existed. Part of me was just too lazy, the other part of me was just shy. But I decided to go today. It wasn't hard to find, really, after I asked the kid washing the windows where it was. Mirth is a part of what is known as The Marketplace and shares the building with several other offices. Mirth itself is a lovely cafe that also features gelatos and small sandwiches. It's a little dark and the area behind the counter seemed a little dingy (and the bathroom wouldn't have won any prizes either) but it was roomy and not too bright with a cheerful yellow awning to keep the sunlight from blinding everyone into oblivion. They even have WiFi, though you have to pay $4 an hour to use it. I walked in and the three girls there were already looking over to see me and unlike guessing which cluster of people with laptops were my writing group, I could tell right away which was the knitting group. Obviously.

So I sat down and introduced myself immediately. "Hi, I'm DragonCelt, aka Kirstin but you can call me Kit." What a mouthful, but honestly, Kit's really pretty easy to remember and I've learned to respond to it. Within half an hour, we had about double what we started with and Elinor, the Ravelry group maintainer and I suspect the website maintainer as well showed up with her little girl. Awesome! I love the little baby and I love little baby chub! And she'd been well educated, she was completely taken by my Northern Lights sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill. At one point she became disinterested in her toys and would only be entertained by my finished sock that I brought to compare to my WIP sock to make sure I wasn't making the cuff too long or anything like that.

Some of the highlights of the knitting group was the talk of overwhelming stash (I guess out of sight CAN be out of mind), Ravelry, the garden party next Saturday (oh yeah, I am THERE) and, inevitably Harry Potter. Now, no one had really intended to be at the Potter Party thrown by Borders that night except for me, or so I think. But then it came up, excitement levels raised and now I believe I'm going to have three knitterly friends to hang out with before picking up my copy. I even decided to dress up then. I'll be the Professor Trelawny there since I can totally pull off the glasses, shawls, bells, hippy thing, it'll be awesome!

And by 5:30, people started leaving, I had a peach gelato that was so very refreshing and then headed home.

This is going to be an awesome knitting group, for realz.

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