Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't be a whippersnapper

My grandma doesn't knit. Neither does my oma. But they know how. I got a whole tin of knitting needles (straights) from my grandma. She also taught me to crochet (well, teaching in that she showed me real slow how to do a few stitches and after that I was on my own).

But I'm getting tired of people who are offended about them knitting. C'mon, grandmas knit. They're allowed. They've done it longer than you and they can do it better than you. And they know how to screw up and how to fix it and how to make a pair of socks in under two hours and how to keep from stabbing people in the eyes with needles. They were knitting before it was fashionable and before it became unnecessary. They were knitting for the people who kept this country out of the hands of tyrants and monarchs. They were knitting your mom's diaper soakers and mittens and hats. And if you're REAL lucky, she's knit you a sweater or five.

You bet your bippy that it's still your grandma's knitting. And she can kick your can with it, too. So stop your whining and go ask her to teach you how to turn that heel. She knows about twelve ways to do it, five of them she made up on her own.

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