Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Still here!

Not feeling so hot but I'm still here! It's strange but I went to have a small nap yesterday. When I woke up, my throat was sore and since then, I've felt ill. Of course, that didn't stop me from taking a trip to the Yarn Barn when I got my HSKS pal's name. She's a Ravenclaw and so I thought I'd grab some Louet Gems Pearl in French Blue and Ginger since it's the closest to the Ravenclaw House colors. Well, they had the French Blue (it's so pretty) but no Ginger. So I paid for the two skeins of blue and when I got home, I hopped onto eBay. Yup, they had Ginger and the shipping was less than anywhere else so that will be on its way tomorrow.

I also stopped by the Phoenix Gallery. I love the ceramics and they have some beautiful handmade jewelry there, too. I picked up some handmade soap in lavender scent for only $3.25 (practically a steal!) and that'll go along nicely in the package.

Now, I'll have to test my sewing skills. My sock-knitting bag design is purely in my head, a reversible thing that will be blue on one side, bronze on the other. It will be circular and I will put some sort of circular bit of plastic or cardboard in the middle and sewing it there to make the bottom and the whole thing will just come up like a satchel with silk drawstrings.

Yes, I have sewn. I almost made a little doll version of Watsuki Nobuhiro (yes, just like the little cartoon self-portrait on the right side) but I never finished because the person I was making it for, uh, things got messy. But it would have been awesome if I'd finished it! Self-designed so I think I could make a cute little...clutch? Satchel? SockSack? without too much fuss. :)

As you can tell, I'm excited about this.

Right now, though, I'm knitting a feather&fan sock out of Lisa Souza's Mars Quake and it's really coming along nicely. Pictures to come.

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