Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't fit in

I finished reading the Yarn Harlot's latest book. I was not amused like her previous books have amused me. Perhaps it's because she's run out of original material and has resorted to the silliness of those who comment on her blog and used that to write this book.

For starters, why are there only 2, 3, 4 categories of knitters? Those little 'quizlets' in her book didn't apply to me at all. Not even OKCupid has such a narrow range of options. Well, okay, sometimes. But I was reading it going "But I'm not A or B but a little both and mostly neither. Is there an Umlaut-U option?"

Then I was annoyed by the whole thing knitterly greeting idea where it's acceptable for someone to grope or grab your knitted work. For heaven's sake, I would never do that to another person. Nor would I be too terribly pleased if someone did that to me.

And finally, that ridiculous idea that swatches are a bad idea. My dears, swatches are your architectural blue-lines, your outline, your skeleton. You can see where your project will go and whether it will fit or if you'll have to change your needle size.

Ms. Harlot, your blog is amusing and clever, your first two books were entertaining and your third was educational for the beginning knitter but this one depressed me a little.

As for the stuff going on outside of my daily reading: My mom's last chemo was yesterday. When it ended, all the nurses came in clapping and singing a congratulatory song and handed her a balloon. The balloon went to a small girl no more than two or three who was staring at it with huge eyes. According to her mom, it was her very first balloon. Cute! And I also found something fun for my Sockapalooza pal at the hospital gift shop.

I'm a quarter of the way through a second sock using that Mars Quake from Lisa Souza and the next sock will be using the Magic Loop method.

And I have very little else to say. I'll have pictures up on Flickr of the current state of my Nantucket Jacket (har har) in a few...hours.

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