Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anyone who may have been keeping track over at my weight loss blog may notice that I'm a hair away from reaching the 10-pound mark. So, to celebrate the near victory and to do something about the fact that it is about as hot and humid as the inside of a very large mouth, I went to go get my hair cut.

I went with a friend since she needed a haircut, too and we headed over to the best beauty school in town, Z's Cosmetology. The gal who did my hair saw my frizz and curls and said with a bright smile "I know just what to do with this! You'll love it!". Enthused and encouraged, I followed her back and had her wash my hair and then went into the chair.

Now, I'm a little self-conscious about my forehead. I have a healthy and large forehead and it tends to shine, too. Not the greasy forehead shine but the bald-man shine. So while she was considering the shape of my curls, I asked "Would I look good with bangs?" She said "Sure, I've got it, you'll love it!"

I don't know why I thought it was a good idea, it took me a year to grow out bangs the LAST time I asked for them, they make me feel a little like that nasty girl from Little House On The Prarie...somethingOlsen. But I held onto my decision and once she was done, well, she had brushed and blowdried my hair into a flippy-out style (I have never liked the style. If I wanted to look like a throwback from the 50's, I'd show up in an apron and flare out skirt) and my bangs looking like a large curtain in front of a picture window.

Oh dear.

Well, who was I expecting to do my hair, Nick Arrojo? And she did reestablish old layers so that my curls are back after a shower. But my bangs require round-brushing or they end up looking a little like a girl I knew while going through puberty who was just downright nasty to me. And who wants to look like their persecutors?

Lesson learned.

And no, you don't get a picture. Just try to use your imagination.

As for the knitting content, you don't get any because it's been too hot and humid, inside and out. If it weren't for the bugs and the cops, I'd consider running around topless like my homosexual but very muscular neighbor (I don't mind when he mows the yard, not at all).

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