Thursday, May 10, 2007


So, I mentioned the fate of the Nantucket Jacket and here it is:

That's the entire Nantucket Jacket minus the bits and pieces of yarn that I used to seam it all together. The first two balls on top are the sleeves, the next two are the front panels and the big one on the bottom is the back. So, uh, that's it. Maybe I'll try the jacket again but then again, I may just try something that made a little more sense, this one had all sorts of strangenesses to it.

Then, of course, mom had her last day of chemo:

I told her the white shirt made her look like she was just wearing underwear but she didn't care. She does have the best smile in the world and that makes up for it, I believe. At the end the nurses all filed in clapping and singing for her, oh, I mentioned that already. Well, it was definitely sweet and mom was tearing up a bit. Hee.

And finally, I have things going to a good home. If you wants it, I would prefer you pay for the S&H.:

Who doesn't need an awesome kimono or dress or cape? Well, except for me. But yeah, fun patterns.

The stories are top notch but I figure I should share the love. I thought I had a few more but these two were all I could find. Sadly, the magazine stopped publishing after Marion Zimmer Bradley passed away, which is too bad because the only other magazine publishing fantasy short stories is, well, not so great.

Let me know if you're interested. :)

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