Thursday, February 02, 2006

for my Socky

I did write this up earlier but since I have to work, I'm waiting till now to post it

Dear Sockapalooza pal,

Can I call you Socky? Excellent, I knew you wouldn't mind. I can't remember quite what I wrote in preferences, but from what I know about myself, it was more than likely unsatisfactorily bare bones. Shall I give you a few more hints about what I would love? Of course, anything made by anyone else will be loved and tenderly worn until the things are more hole than sock, but this will help ease the perplexity of knowing what to make.

1. I can handwash anything. Have sink/tub, will wash.

2. I DO like pink in moderation. But I love amethyst purples, peacock blue, emerald green, bright colors, etc. I love vivid colors.

3. I have the most ordinary feet/ankles/legs. Most patterns will happily fit on my feet, so don't stress about that. I do have some powerful muscular calves so if you are going above the first (or is it last?) 1/3 of 'em, let me know and I can provide some accurate measurements. :) I can't fit into boots.

4. My experience with sock yarns hasn't been terribly expansive, but I've 'groped' a few to see what they are like. I've worked with: Regia, Mountain Colors, Lorna's Laces, and Knitpicks' Sock Garden. Of them all, I liked Regia the least and Mountain Colors the most. Regia was just so...stiff. It felt a little like acrylic, though it assuredly is not. I have some Koigu, but for some reason, I am kind of turned off by its lack of lovely 'halo', though I'm sure that it does come up later as a good thing since it lacks pillage (and not the pirate sort) later. Maybe. I don't know. I would love to see what Socks That Rock are like, I've yet to see any physically, though the Pebble one looks so pretty. The Cobalt one, too. I'm also intrigued by the Cherry Tree Hill and the Art Yarns. So, open my eyes, widen my horizons, I'm all for it!

You have my email, ask away and I look forward to May!

P.S. Is Sockonious T. Pal something like Crow T. Robot?

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