Friday, February 24, 2006

for the love of knitting

I have grown to love long lines. Walmart, lines that are 20 people long, every one of them seemingly having bought for their 2 year storage AND 72 hour kits? I'm there with my toilet paper and extra can of Stephen's hot chocolate (in Irish Creme or Italian Amaretto, it doesn't get better than that, kids). And why? Why am I the only one not frazzle-haired and stressed in line? Because I have my sock. Everyone else is ready to kick the nearest screaming meemie and I'm merrily wielding my needles.

Thus when I entered the post office at the last long hour of the day, I was cheerful enough to see about six people in front. I grabbed my little silver bag, pulled out the sock and got ready to merrily add another row or two to it. People stole amused glances my way, not everyone sees a 27 year old merrily knitting on a sock of many colors every day. But then it was my turn to send off my package to my friend in Oklahoma (I was sending socks, of course). Post office guy was brusque, short and altogether rude. He made no eye contact, seemed irritated that I had to waste a few precious seconds to find the wallet among the hasty tangles in my bag. And when I finished the transaction, he did not return my cheerful "have a nice day"!

I think he was just pissed because he wanted socks too. Sock envy, now there's a thought.


Also, I should keep up with my Link Of The Week:

This is where I get most of my music. It's very inexpensive and though when you enter the site, it confronts you with Russian, have no fear. There is an English mirror site and the link is in plain view. It's one of my favorite places to get music and just recently I picked out a few Nickelback songs (can anyone resist Animals? I LOVE that song!).

However, I highly recommend trying out Blackmore's Night. Celtic/Rock with some AWESOME vocals, I love singing/dancing along to it.


  1. I love reading your blog! You are such a talented writer. Love your guts!

  2. I get the same glances too when I knit in public :) Go you! Though, I have to admit, I don't enjoy lines THAT much!