Sunday, January 29, 2006


One of my favorite chocolates is the Dove chocolates. What other kind of chocolate gives you happy fuzzy 'fortunes', as my friend calls them? And one of the best is the one I have now taped to my monitor. It encourages me to take a look at all the RNs out there. They have all sweated, bled, and cried at some point to get where they are. I'm not alone in my misery and hair loss. I'm not stupid and I'm not lazy, but I just have different obstacles.

This is Don, my younger brother. I once introduced him to one of my nursing professors (the one I liked) as my "little brother" and she looked at him towering over me and gave a snerk. He's on a mission now, in Brazil. He's gentle, he's sweet, he's a bit of a dork (D&D dork, incidentally), and he makes me very happy. I love both sibs this much. My sister, Christina, is really a wonderful mom and a very generous sister, but we're just a little different in personality, whereas Don and I are very much alike. P.S. the weird white boogie is a very very small origami crane. I suppose that's ONE way of showing its size, by sticking it halfway in his nose.


Finally, my adoration of dragons. I am not quite sure why I have such a fascination with these mythical beasts, but I think they're very very cool and have a bit of a collection of them (though the $60 ceramic knitting dragon is not mine, but I did carve that pumpkin). Hmm, not much to say on it, but if you want to make me a happy girl, present me with something draconic (or yarn! yarn is good!).

Sneaky peek at my next FO


  1. Yay Dragons! I was born in the Year of the Fire Dragon and I, inexplicably, blame a lot on that. :P

  2. I think you're a bit ahead of the game...we're only on C. Nice post, however

  3. A knitting dragon is COOL! The other Ds are great, too.

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    You need to tell us more about the sock yarns you've tried and not liked.

    Opal? Socks that Rock? Art Yarns? Koigu?

    Sockonious T. Pal