Friday, February 24, 2006


I haven't been to the Stitch'n'Bitch for a while. I've hit a famine spot when it comes to my income and gas is expensive. But, I've realized that this isn't the real reason why I haven't been going. It's because I've become kind of nervous of going. I think I've ticked off some people there and I didn't mean to (look how high I think of myself, thinking that anyone really cares anymore, but that's just part of my neurosis) and now I would rather just stay home instead of face my fears and just going.

Funny, I didn't think I was subject to shyness anymore. I guess we all surprise ourselves every once in a while.

As for my knitting, I'm almost done with sock 1 of sockapalooza. It's survived a ripping and tangle (my mom who came to visit for a funeral this past Sunday and Monday helped me out with that) because I couldn't fit my own tinkerbell foot past the heel. Reknitting it on #2s has made it larger and now it fits better, I can get my foot all the way through!

Um, that's all I have for an update anyways. Pictures forthcoming.

Oh, and if you're interested, I have been drawing, too.


  1. No one here will bite but we are rather boistrous and opinionated;-)

  2. I understand the financial issue - but worrying about what other people think isn't a good enough reason to skip SnB. We miss you!

  3. hey, although I haven't been to SnB lately (living in Logan as I do and being short on funds as well), but I've seen something similar happen in the past. The SnB grrls, while being boistrous and opinionated as Margene said, really don't hold a grudge or think less of someone for their opinions. They may even tell you your opinion is stupid, but as long as you've put thought into it, they don't think less of you for having that opinion. The thing that makes them really upset is when someone assumes that they're not welcome because they're different. It's happened in the past that someone has ostersized themselves because they thought they weren't welcome because they were different, and it wasn't until that happened that there were any hard feelings. So go back and stand up for what you believe in, even thought it's different. We respect that.